A nice video review of the Suzuki Burgman Executive with a Clearview XL windscreen. This bike has 900 miles on it at the time of the scooter review.

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6 Responses to “2007 Suzuki Burgman Executive Video Review”

  1. Good overview. Really better than most web reviews with regard to features. Ride info would be good also.

  2. Greetings,

    This was a nice overview! He was concise and covered the basic layout of the machine. I would like an adendum describing riding behavior and how it compares to a conventional motorcycle. I get the impression he really likes it but he never says.

    I test road one and smiled the whole time and I am 6 feet 5 inches tall. The drivetrain is so smooth and powerful, I was amazed!


  3. Great review. Suzuki woul do well if they place this one on their web site. Great description of the features and has convinced me that I would like to look seriously at getting the Bergman EXecutive. I am 58 and will be a first time rider.

    Thanks for the information.



  4. Great review. Showed details I did not get from other sources and from person that just loved the bike. Definately encourages me to consider this as my next ride.

  5. Dear members/////I have a 2006 burgman 400 and the heat gauge has stopped working or it does not come off the paig. The water level os correct. any idea of what is wrong or how to fix it?

  6. An excellent review, especially for your first!