I read a lot of information on the web before I bought my 2008 Suzuki Burgman Executive scooter. One recurring theme that I noticed time and time again in posts by riders was about the comfort the bike had and that they had ridden other bikes in the past but preferred the Burgman.

After putting the first 700 miles on my Burgman I could not agree more.

For years I’ve had bikes. The first, many years ago was a Yamaha 650 Special. A great starter bike and one that I taught myself how to ride on.

After a couple of decades of not riding I decided to get back into riding again, and in a big way. This time I took the full motorcycle safety course training so I could safely ride my new bike, a 900 pound huge bike, the BMW K1200LT. Now that bike was a hell of a lot of fun and I rode it across America from Washington, DC to San Diego, CA. And while that bike was a joy to ride, it was just too big and too heavy for small local trips.

After I sold the BMW K1200LT I bought a Yamaha Zuma scooter and loved the convenience of running to the store and scooting off to run errands around town. But the Zuma lacked one thing that worried me. In a congested environment with slow moving traffic the Zuma was fun to ride, or on empty streets. But if you were on a road with traffic moving more than 40 MPH then you would be an obstacle that people would have to go around.

When I went to purchase a new motorcycle I was intrigued by Burgman. Having just returned to the U.S. after having lived in Europe for a couple of years, I had seen the Burgman in action and they fascinated me.

What Attracted Me to the Burgman

Poser bikers that are trying to look tough or buy that special exhaust sound to send an image to the world, probably won’t like the Burgman, and that’s just fine with me. I ride because I love it, not because I want other people to think I’m some kind of rebel bad ass.

For me, the Burgman makes for effortless riding. The automatic transmission works wonderfully and if I want to manually shift, I can at the touch of a button. If I want an additional boost of power, well that’s available at my fingertips as well.

99% of the time I ride my Burgman in automatic mode. I relish the comfort of not having to shift when leaving the light or approaching a stop. Instead of lifting the toe I just keep my feet up in that highway cruise stance, and very comfortable position to ride in.

The seat comfort is terrific and the riding position on the motorcycle makes for a very comfortable ride, around town or blasting down the highways.

And don’t be fooled that this machine is called a scooter, it is a full fledged motorcycle with loads of power, great gas mileage and long legs that can go anywhere.

On my executive model I am in love with the adjustable windscreen. It was a feature I had on my BMW K1200LT and it’s one of those things that once you’ve had it, you want it. It is such a pleasure to be able to adjust the windscreen, up or down, based on where I’m riding. If I’m going less than 45 MPH I typically have the screen down but as my speed increases, the screen goes up.

And the fuel mileage on the Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive is wonderful as well. Around town I typically get 47 MPG and if I’m cruising down the highway I get even more. It is wonderful on the wallet and not expensive at all to operate.

My Recommendation

I am a firm believer in a value of a good motorcycle safety class for any scooter or motorcycle rider. Take one if you’ve taken a break from riding or you’ve never taken one. And once you complete your class and get your motorcycle license, buy yourself a Burgman as soon as possible.

Those of us that ride the Burgman seem to not just like the bike, but damn near love it. I would have no reservations in recommending the Suzuki Burgman scooter (motorcycle) to anyone that wants to experience the fun and thrill of riding on the open road while riding effortlessly on an easy to maneuver scooter with loads of power and storage.


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3 Responses to “Why I Ride a Suzuki Burgman Scooter”

  1. Steve: Great commentary on the Burgman, and I agree 100%. I “triked” my 1800 Gold Wing because it was getting too heavy for me with my wife on board, but now she loves it, while I miss carving the canyon roads… Comfortable, but kind of like driving my truck now! So I looked for a 2nd bike just for me for when she doesn’t want to ride, and kept comming back to the Burgman. Why? Manners of a scooter, heart of a Gold Wing ! I rode 267 miles on the “Burgie” with my GW Chapter through the Tetons last weekend, (first long ride on it) and had no trouble at all keeping up… as I’m sure you know. Comfort and wind protection are great, and I’ve never had more fun on the “twisties!” All that and 60 mpg too… Wow! Wait, I think I can hear it calling to me from the garage!… Gotta go ride! Cheers… Gordon

  2. thanks for the ideas , i’d love to stick to your weblog as generally as i can.have a great day~~

  3. Hey Steve… I just brought a 400AN Burgman this week, its a 2008 model and red color, it is fantastic machine, I have driven it to work a couple of days and man it is a thrilling experience, cant wait to finish my Basic Riding Course to be a full fledged licence holder and go for a long drive. I want to drive all along the pacific coast before the winter comes in.. thanks for our writeup, i enjoyed reading your article.. I sure will share my experiences as the come along… Happy Riding.. Matt