This might be the most confusing aspect of the Suzuki Burgman. While it is called a scooter, it is really a motorcycle that can easily cruise above 100 MPH.

If you are expecting the Burgman to be only as powerful as a Yamaha Vino, Vespa or regular scooter, you’d be very, very mistaken. And for you parents that might be considering letting your inexperienced child rider on a Burgman, just remember, it is a rocket.

If you watch the video closely you’ll see the speedometer topping 112 MPH in this ride.

After you watch this video you’ll understand the following Burgman t-shirt.

Burgman and Speed

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9 Responses to “Does the Burgman Have Any Power?”

  1. On some of the winding roads I travel, and having the cops standing arm to arm along the road ways 95 is a fast as I’ve had my burgman 650 going. I find it hard to keep my speed down under the limits. Smoth and very fast.

  2. Well, now I don’t have to give it a try. It is tough to keep it slow though, it just wants to run. Reminds me that the only people who care that you are the fastest one on the roadway will be the cop and the judge.

    Ride Safe!

  3. The big Burgie is a 650 twin. This is as big an engine as the famous Triumph Bonnieville, or the Norton Commando, which were big bikes for their time. Although it’s slowed down by the torque converter/auto transmission, and all the weight, it’s a very modern motor, and can easily do over 100 mph, especially in overdrive. When I drive very fast, I do miss having the engine braking of a manual shift. The Burgie’s brakes are great, but you can never have enough stopping power.
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  4. I have a Burgman 650 Executive that will go from 0 to 60 in just over 5 seconds, and i have had it up to 100 just to see how if felt…it was smooth and steady…hard to believe it’s called a scooter !!!

  5. Does anyone know the horsepower?

  6. Oh by the way, i’ve had mine up to 170……km/h.

  7. If anyone is interested, I found the burg’s horsepower rating thanks to hp which means it has at least 10X the horsepower of most other scooters.

  8. If I am looking at the video right the Burgman is in drive. I think he would go a little faster in overdrive.

  9. I thought 30.0 cc = 1 HP Thus 650.0 (burg 650) cc divided by 30.0 cc = 21.66 HP How did carewser 9-3-2011 get 55 HP ???