I stumbled across this nice story on CNN about a long distance motorcycle trip. Too bad it wasn’t about Burgman’s but maybe we can sort that out.

Two parts of the article that caught my attention.

“Riding a motorcycle on a road like this is a physical pleasure, too, as you lean right, then left, then right, to guide the bike smoothly through the parkway’s sweeping curves. You swoop, you glide — it’s like dancing, or like those dreams where you’re flying.”

But it was thing quote that made me smile.

“But we came to a standstill the next day in traffic in Marion, South Carolina — which was cause for some concern. Most Harley engines are air-cooled, so we can’t just leave them idling for long periods because they can overheat.”

Now that’s a problem us Burgies don’t have.

So what are we going to do about getting a long distance Burgman ride together?

Here is the link to the original article.

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3 Responses to “A Biker Road Trip Is Like ‘Living the Movie’”

  1. “Just do it” Get the maps out and plan a weekend trip. Make a reservation and take day trips from there. I crossed a lot of the country on my Goldwing
    but now may need to consider a Bergman because of a serious accident.
    My motto is “don’t watch the movie; make the movie”
    Have Bike Will Travel-Ted Vonk

  2. Can you message me with some hints on how you made this website look like this, I would appreciate it.

  3. Hi,
    I am on my 2nd Burgman 650, 1st one done 54ooo klm, currant one has 32000 klm.
    I changed from 15oo Goldwing and Suzuki GS1100 after sitting on the Burgman at the Motorcycle show.
    I am only a young 74 years , in May this year I did a solo ride from Sydney to Darwin ( Australia) return trip, a total of 8450 klm in 11 days.
    My ride in 2005 from Sydney to Perth return trip 94oo klms, in ten days, got a write up in the Scootering magazine published in Europe and the UK , after they picked up a write up in our local club web page.
    The reason for the reply is,
    1/the Burgman is bike enough for any rider regardless of age.
    2/72 is no barrier to change up to a 650, you will love it.
    3/I don’t know of any other bike i would have ridden to do those trips, even when I mentiond I was going,I Had 2 Harley riders say they would join me if we can spread it out to a 3 week trip as they need more Bum stops.
    My next Burgman 650 is not to far away.
    Mike from Australia