One of the features that I loved about my Yamaha Zuma 49cc scooter was that where I lived it was legal to park them on the sidewalk, out of the way.

So where do you park your much larger Burgman …

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Alex from Thailand sent in his photos of his Sky Wave 650 which he purchased in Japan and now rides in Thailand.

Still on way. It started getting cold and dark so on went the yellow suit.

I road about another 13 miles and then it just started getting dark and the rain started getting heavy. I really blew my location. I’m …

I’m off for Mentone.

If you have a Burgman photo and story to share, you can contribute it here.

Carl sent in the following photo to share with you. Here is what he had to say about it.

“In this photo three brothers are

John wrote in:

“I just sold a Burgman 400 and now I’m torn on what to get next. My friend has a nice Burgman 650 Exec (2006 with extended warranty and less than 2000 miles) but he wants $7500 for

I’m just playing with writing from the phone while I get ready for the big trip in a cople of days.

Here is a picture of my cheap cupholder trick. It never falls off! Easy to install as well.

Mike sent in the following Burgman photos to share with you.

If you have a Burgman photo and story to share, you can contribute it here.

My Suzuki “Halfabusa”

Some Burgman 650 customizing. A Burgman 650 disguised as a Land

Part of the nice thing about teaching motorcycle and scooter safety is when I get the chance to speak with other riders and swap stories and answer questions. There is something quite satisfying about spending some time laughing, listening and, …

A recent product review on the SpeedoHealer, a recent forum post and my own observations got me hunting for more information on the accuracy of GPS speed measurements.

Here was the forum comment that I found intriguing:

I have been

” Motorcycle helmet camera Author: rbw612 Keywords: Motorcycles Added: August 25, 2008 ” — Comment from person that made video.

Helmet Cam on Burgman 650…

One of the unfortunate aspects of riding is that eventually, you have to stop. Of course, if you ride in a major city like I do, you realize that stopping happens a lot more than most people are willing to …

Scooter sales these days make Bob Beasley wish he had a crystal ball.

Read the Full Story Here: Scooter sales accelerate (The Jackson Sun)…

One of my passions is photography and video production. Not satisfied with just holding a camera on a ride I wanted to find a new and unique Burgman video angle. My special order gear arrived today and I assembled my …

” Conny CFMoto V3 Jorge Suzuki Burgman 650 24-8-08 Chile Author: JAMM4228 Keywords: CFMOTO BURGMAN CONNY JORGE CHICUREO LO CAMPINO Added: August 24, 2008 ” — Comment from person that made video.

Chicureo – Valle lo Campino en Moto…