Aprilia Sportcity 250 Scooter Review
Sportcity 250 is a remarkable model among various scooters of Aprilia. It?s a comprehensive sports vehicle with environment friendly machinery. It has 15 inch wheels, which makes Sportcity stand in the faction of high tire scooters. With munificent tires, sporty locomotive and a terrifically firm framework, the Sportcity stands high in market for its capability […]

A List of Popular Scooter Insurance Companies
Assorted scooter insurance companies swear to provide you with best insurance cover to secure the future of your dearest scooter. A few universal insurance covers that majority of the insurance companies offer are: Comprehensive insurance Liability insurance Theft insurance Uninsured motorist coverage A few others also offer: Road assistance coverage Medical coverage Custom accessories coverage […]

Aprilia Motor Scooters
Before you ask someone why to go for Aprilia scooters, you should know that Aprilia is fourth largest motorcycle manufacturing company in the world. Aprilia is an enormous name in scooter market. It is a trustworthy brand which has earned a good reputation by providing outstanding scooters and motorcycles year after year. Countless people all […]

Motor Scooter Insurance ? Frequently Asked Questions
Due to increase in sale and popularity of scooters, awareness for scooter insurance among buyers is increasing. No doubt driving a scooter is a lot of fun and it has many added benefits but risk factor also increases when one is driving a scooter. Sometimes buyers have many queries that can only be solved by […]

Aprilia SR 50 Scooter Review
SR 50 is the legendary model among Aprilia Scooters. It was first introduced in 1992 and till date more than 800,000 units have been sold. It promises high performance with high competence. Striking appearance, less fuel consumption, amazing power, compact design and super smooth to drive; what more do you need in a scooter? Yes, […]

Motor Scooter Insurance ? A Few Things to Remember When Buying
Now that you drive a scooter, it is mandatory by law to have scooter insurance, but that should not be the only reason you decide to have an insurance policy. You have to understand the importance of insurance in our lives. Insurance gives a sense of security. Ask someone whose uninsured vehicle has been damaged. […]

Aprilia Scarabeo 500 Scooter Review
Aprilia is a name synonymous with perfection, technology and Trust. Aprilia keeps on adding new models to its scooter range according to the changing needs of clients and time. Each time Aprilia comes up with a new scooter, all eyes linger apprehensively, because it keeps on getting better and better. Aprilia thought of transforming personality […]

Scooter Insurance: Why You Must Have It?
I am sure you are thrilled that you have purchased a scooter. Driving a motor scooter can be loads of fun. It is much cheaper than a car. It runs on lesser fuel and is not that difficult to maintain. With a scooter there are fewer chances that you will be stuck in traffic. Scooter […]

Aprilia Scooters
Aprilia is an incredibly prevalent and leading brand of scooters in Europe. From the production of cycles in early years, Aprilia has grown to become second largest manufacturer of scooters and motorcycles in Europe. Obsession for motor cycles and fortitude of Ivano Beggio, president of Aprilia, is the truth behind the immense success of the […]

Types of Scooter Insurance Covers
If you are looking for types of insurance covers or policies available in market, then this guide will surely help you a lot. Scooters are becoming popular these days as they are easy on the pocket and inexpensive to run due to less intake of fuel. Motor scooters are all in rage among the students […]

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  1. Thanks for the links. Especially the one about where to buy scooters online.

    Go motor scooterss last blog post..4 useful advices when buying a motor scooter online

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  4. I just wanted to comment on the Schwinn Motor Scooters link. My father and grandfather owned and operated a Schwinn Bicycle shop when I was a boy. They were great bikes and I suspect that if they are made by the same people they are likely to be of very high quality. I’ve owned several different makes & manufactures of scooters over the years and I work on them myself. I have not actually seen a Schwinn yet.
    If anyone needs parts for schooters I have had good luck with a company called scooterstock .com Scooter Parts at Scooter Stock I don’t know if they carry parts for the Schwinn but they have been able to get any parts I’ve needed so far.

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  13. I purchased a new peace spirt 50 cc scootor . 2nd day the gas gauage broke. should have taken it to the shop right. Keep it full of gas i said. 4th day my wife called me and said gas was leaking out of it. She tightend a screw and it was fixed. right. was going to put it in the shop, couldn’t get an answer on their phone. again filled it up after it sit a week. Got on my motor cycle and followed my wife on a ride. right Pulled over for lunch everything ok. got out from lunch and everything had just began gas was leaking out and tank was empty. Now you get 100 miles per gallon. we got 7 and it leaked out again. Returned it to were I purchased it. $150 later wich i had to pay to get the newer scooter.My wife left , we live 3-4 miles away. well going 35 mph it should take 10-15 minutes to get home. right Well I got home 25 miniutes later and she was just coasting into the driveway. Well I rode it to the bottom of the hill filled up with 93 octane as it calls for in the manual. I took .82 gallons of gas. The tank holds 1 Gallon so there was almost 2 tenths of a gallon left. that would explain the problems she said she had on her short trip. The scooter idled fine. right Pulled onto the road it ran great for 1 tenth of a mile then started shaking and knocking and loosing power. It cut off. Got it running again started ok then started pulling a small hill and it lost power again. at this point i was afraid for my life and just tried to get home the best way i knew how. even if i had to cut across lanes of traffic before i was run over. Keep in mind i live in a hilly neighborhood. I had to puch it up the hill because it would pull. needless to saw they are not a good product. not the deal they lead you to believe. bla bla bla bla

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