Hello all,

I recently traded in my 2011, 18000 miles AN650 for a 2014 1200 miles AN650.

I was initially impressed with the apparent much improved, low speed gear changing in that there was no longer the excessive engine braking that was a characteristic of the earlier machine.
However, after a few weeks I began to notice a vibration through the floorboards at between 2000 - 3500 revs. Above that all was fine. As a consequence the general riding experience around town was spoilt and as far as I was concerned not as nice as my old machine. I can only describe it as riding in fourth gear when you should be in third. I can not think that Suzuki would produce a machine that was inferior in any way to its predecessor albeit in many others it was much improved.

As this Burgman was only a few weeks in to its three month Warranty I returned it to the dealer from where I bought it. They in turn, having spent several days on it contacted Suzuki Technical Support. They were allegedly advised to the effect that these two machines, the earlier and latter ones are different and that this vibration is due to the Eco Drive system on the later machine which in time will recognise the riding style of the regular rider and map things accordingly - therefore reducing said vibration.

To be honest this sounds like a load of flannel to me but I would be only too pleased if it is actually correct. I have tried to find some mention of this in the numerous reviews of the 2014, indeed any Burgman but cannot. I am due to collect my recently purchased scooter from the Dealer on Tuesday but in many ways am reluctant to do so as out of sight / out of mind.

It appears to me that by contacting Suzuki Technical Support my dealer has acknowledged that there is a problem. Can anyone advise me where I stand with regard to returning it and getting my money back.
I would be more than happy if they have rectified this fault or, as a second choice simply return my old scooter plus the additional monies paid.

I would really appreciate your opinions on this. Does anyone have experience of this vibration and is there any cure ?

Kind regards and thank you all in anticipation,