I cut my 2-wheel teeth on a 2004 Burgman 650. It was great to ride... Comfortable, easy (once I got some experience), no shifting... I was in heaven. Then I decided, because we were taking so many long trips on it, to trade it in on a 2006 Goldwing. The Goldwing was great. Big bike with a Buick horn and a throne for my lady. What more could I ask for? 4 years later, I KNEW what I could ask for. That was when I moved back to Chicago. The Chi-town traffic meant constantly holding that clutch in and shifting gears every 5 seconds. DAMN! I'm too old for that! 70 now, I traded the Goldwing in on a brand new 2016 Burgman Executive. Black, just like the 2004. Now I am back in heaven. I have already replaced the stock headlamps with LED lamps, I am in the process of putting a Bestem 929 top box on, and the last mod for this sweet baby will be a train horn. I love my new Burgy.