This is about my experience from buying a brand new scooter from the Mercia dealership in Spain.

From the word go I had problems with the delivery, and it was promised on 2 previous dates, Then I was given a story about problems with the registration
system being down.

At which point I wanted to cancel the purchase, to then find out the bike was 2 hours away.

Then after riding it for the first time, it was vibrating under braking, and I was told by the Murcia Dealership this was a settling process and would go away.

I then wanted it exchanged, which was agreed, but on the day agreed, no one turned up.. a day and a half later I get a random call from a driver, Saying I will exchange the bike in one hour. No notification and it wasn’t possible.

Now I have tried to arrange its first service, which has been totally blanked in emails from the Murcia Dealership, and the Almeria Dealership.

So hence this video… even tho I have used Spanish translator, it has made no difference.

And if you live some distance from a dealership as I do, its impossible to deal with them. Click here for more.

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