Driving on my Suzuki Burgman 650 on Istra Croatia (HR) inland, driving through amazing roads, beautiful cultural-historical villages and towns with beautiful panoramas.
I take you on my scooter rides, which most tourists on the coast forget to view…. the pure nature of Istria inland roads and places.

A relatively new county on Croatia’s Istrian region, Tal-Vabriga has separated itself from Porec in 2006. That is however, only a technicality, as the region notes considerable history and fascinating background. Here are seven facts about Tar-Vabriga which will certainly intrigue your attention and inspire you for a visit.

Every year, several notable musical events are held in lovely church of St. Martin’s. These are wonderful concerts which tie the auditory satisfaction with the visual, providing the visitors with an evening hard to forget.
If you fancy a luxurious holiday on Croatian soil, do consider staying in some of Tar-Vabriga’s numerous Istrian villas. Some even having large outdoor pools, they really provide with the accommodation of royal parameters.

Lanterna Peninsula:
The beach offer of Tar-Vabriga is truly amazing, as majority of coastal sites are associated with Lanterna Peninsula. Visitors have plenty of options for their summer enjoyments, including the confluence of River Mirna into the Adriatic Sea, which attracts numerous birds.
The Best Olive Oil in Europe
According to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the valleys of Tar produce the best olive oil in Europe. The secret is in the optimum temperature, which encourages the plant to produce extra tasty fruit.
More info: http://www.tar-vabriga.com/en/experiences/action

I’m Luc Wijdeveld, living in Hengelo (OV) Netherlands, love to travel to Croatia for holiday’s and discovered the extra value to take your bike, cycle or scooter with you. Click here for more.

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