After 5 years of using the Honda Dio , this is am replacement + upgrade . Probably the best Scooter in the market and first in it’s segmentaxi scooter. It costed around 88,000 with 5 years zero dept insurance. Remember while buying any vehicles get 5 + 5 i.e 5 zero dept insurance always. Got a pathetic unsafe helmet , ok ok parking cover & good seat covers. This scooter will now be using for the next 3-4 years depends on how we guys progress and based on that the next scooter will take it’s place . It’s a great happiness to buy a new vehicle & lot of commitments as after selling the Dio , a smartphone and little gathered money helped us reducing the investment of our savings to buy this scooter. It’s precious and needs to be cared in that way . lot more things gonna come as touring setup and milege test of Burgman. Specially loved the white colour for it’s premium look especially in the night time . It’s a really good scooter with the maximum ground clearance, Space for legs for touring and commuting, mileage better than 110cc scooters and service will come ahead in a while. Click here for more.

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