2019 Suzuki Burgman 150cc Leakage Detail Color Version.

Digital Imaging Render Will Be Formed Suzuki Burgman 150.
Hi, bro … before in my article, the figure of a patent design that was allegedly strong as Suzuki Burgman 150 which was the result of a factory from China named Haojue who had previously made a motorcycle motorbike from Suzuki which indeed worked with Suzuki Bro.

Haojue HJ150 looks really beautiful when seen from the front to the back, both the headlamp and the body, maybe this is inspired by the existing maxi scooter, but it needs to be thumbs up that the design is cool according to the personal motoblast.

Like this 180cc Suzuki burgman later?
and from the patent design circulating motoblasts trying to make the digital imaging rendering so that it can be studied more clearly the image

It’s still a big question whether this is burgman 150 or not, but there’s no harm in getting the information.
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