SUZUKI SKYWAVE 650 2004 , Tourist Trophy Playstation 2 Games.

Running 2 Laps Time Trial on Tsukuba Circuit (TT PS2 First Track). My Best lap of SUZUKI SKYWAVE 650 2004 in Tsukuba 1.22.159. Top Speed of SUZUKI SKYWAVE 650 2004 is around 145 kph on this track.

My Machines:
Core i5 2400S 2.5 Ghz, Geforce GT 1030, 8GB Ram, PCSX 1.50 (3x Resolution 1080p), Bios SCPH 55000 dumped from my PS2 consoles, Original Tourist Trophy PAL region.

Movie Editor:
Movavi Steam Edition

Media Capture:
MyGica HD CAP X-II Click here for more.

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