Continuando a comparar moto e scooter, dessa vez a comparação é de dois modelos de baixa cilindrada, a Burgman e a Intruder 125. Abaixo segue o link do blog com o comparativo das duas.
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07+ Suzuki Burgman 400 CVT Removal

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23 Responses to “Comparativo Suzuki Burgman 125i x Suzuki Intruder 125”

  1. Eu tenho uma burgman mas ela anda dando muito problema, to quase todo mês com ela no mecanico. Vi uma amiga com uma intruder, e achei ela bonitinha. Por serem equivalentes, to pensando em fazer a troca. Eu sou acostumada com a scooter, ela tem uma facilidade maior mesmo mas tenho um pouco de medo de não me adaptar com a intruder.?

  2. Ótimo vídeo Duten, parabéns! Eu tive uma Yes, era uma boa moto… mas vibrava muito. Em relação a isso, vibração, como é a Burgman? Um abração, fica com Deus!?

  3. Fala Duten, Acho que vou pegar uma intruder junto com a Sra. Sampa!!! Abraço!!?

  4. Maintenance on the Silver Wing 600 in my photo was a bear and a half.

  5. This video is definitely pushing me in the direction of buying a 2007+ 400.

  6. what?

  7. would you rather be a girl with manhands, or a man with girlhands?

  8. ?????? ???? ???? ??????? ???????

  9. cool thanks 😀

  10. Hey go on my channel and type "homemade hub holder tool" I have video of it with measure tape 🙂

  11. Hello Mitch, it's Ernest of AECG of NY. Can you please give me the dimensions of the clutch sleeve hub holder too so I can make one rather than purchasing it at Suzuki for $200.00. I want to change out the belt and check the rollers to see if they are worn. Your past help has been a very tremendous asset to me. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

  12. find my video called how to remove the stubborn cvt cover

  13. Hello Mic, I removed the outer cover, the filter, the outer cover with the ten screws but I cannot remove the inner cover that houses the CVT, the belt, etc.. I marked all ten screws and took them out. How in the world do you take this cover off? I have used a rubber mallet to be on the safe side but feel I have done so much now this part won't budge. Do you have any suggestions? Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Thanks again, Ernest AECG of NY.

  14. @pnshi1 hi, try spark plug removal video, let me know

  15. @oymeit far as you can and it will push the cover off a little bit… I have video of me doing that on my friend's burgman, I will be home tomorrow night and try to remember to edit and post it

  16. Mic, How far in do i screw the bolts in so that the cover comes off? Its that how to get off? Do the screws push the cover out as you screw them in or not? thanks for your help.

  17. Mic, I need your help, I can't get the metal cover off, the one with the 10 bolts you number in the video. I think thats the crankcase cover? Im not sure if thats what its called. Anyway, its really tight and I put two bolts in the front holes to pull on but still it won't come off. Can you help me? Please. I want to do a final drive oil change and I'm stuck cause that cover won't come off. Thank you.

  18. @yav1is Hi Josef, sounds good! 🙂 That is really cool, I don't really have club here but we have forum called burgmanusa I know many people on there and met 5 of them in real life. I have some real friends with burgman 400 and 650 🙂 the belt here $150-170

  19. @HEELINGFREE I am going to be at my friend's house tonight who has my Y shape tool so I will post the video of it with measure tape.
    Not home till tomorrow and will tell what grease I am using, sorry

  20. @micbergsma

    Mic Hi
    Thanks for your answer, I will be happy to keep in teach whit you, I'm a member of Suzuki burgman club in Israel, do you have a club like that in yours place ?
    I have a question if you can give me an answer, about the price of the variator v belt in yours place,
    Josef Avner

  21. @HEELINGFREE yes I saw it! insane! I posted comment there… it should happened bec clutch shoe pads worn out I think

  22. Hi Mic,

    Got the clutch off and posted it at my youtube account Heelingfree. The video is called burgman 400 clutch 15k miles. No sound.

  23. Hi Mic,

    Do you have the measurements of the Y shaped device you use to remove and put on the rear clutch? I tried getting it off but keep living the whole rear end up. Also wonder if you found the name of the grease you use on the rear bearing.