How to remove the spark plug on 07 and up Suzuki Burgman 400.
————— Standard / specification —————————–
Spark Plug type – NGK: CR7E DENSO : U22ESR-N
Gap: 0.7-0.8 (0.28 – 0.03)
Spark performance – Over 8.0 (0.3) at 1 atm
Change plug every 7,000 miles
I use Iridium spark plug on my bike

Tutorial videos for 07+ burgman 400

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  7. I think so, it should be on front right side of the engine if I can remember

  8. Is spark plug on Burgman 03-06 in the same place?

  9. Hi Mic, Thanks for both the plug video and the K & N air filter video. The stock air filter was easy when I did that some time ago, but the K & N was really tricky. But thanks to your video I finally got it in. BTW I just posted 2 videos about a candle I created. Has 4 sides and 4 wicks. You can check it out. My best, Harold from Oregon (Heelingfree)

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  12. Bitchin seat cover.. What brand is it?

  13. I am not sure? we don't have burgman 250 in USA 🙁

  14. can apply this method to 2003 burgman 250?

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  17. great film.i have not changed my plug yet but know how to do so now

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