07+ Suzuki Burgman 400 CVT Installation

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07+ Suzuki Burgman 400 tutorial videos

03-06 Suzuki Burgman 400 tutorial videos

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April 2010
Filmed by Mitch Bergsma
Edited on iMovie on Mac
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one pee break, one 16oz water bottle, one 32oz blue gatorade, 4 snack bars in 18 hours – 1,154 miles Orlando, Florida to Austin, Texas…
How many stops for gas? I have to find out… how much for gas? let me check my phone….

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Tutorial videos for 07+ burgman 400

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39 Responses to “07+ Suzuki Burgman 400 CVT Installation”

  1. thanks for the share?

  2. name song ?????

  3. Sorry, but it's FAIL. All surfaces must be degreased!! And the author touches belt and pulleys with dirty hands without clear gloves. It will not "explode" right after start, but will significantly decrease moving parts worn resource.?

  4. name song ?????????

  5. Excelent video, the edition is great!!!… and thanks for share your knowledge!!.. Best regardas from Venezuela?

  6. HI! Is there anybody know the name of the song and singer?

  7. What weight Dr pulleys do you use?

  8. Hi mate,
    admiring your scooters videos and got one question:
    what are the dimensions of the drive belt to the AN400 K8?
    Can`t find anything below £100 price tag here over the pond.
    Same to the older model are £16 – £25.
    Will you help me save my budget please?
    Keep up great work,
    Cheers from UK,

  9. My 09 Burgman 400. I have a question…when I am at a complete stop that has a small UPHILL GRADE, it seems to have a little slippage and small squeal noise on take off, it only lasts about 15 feet. The scooter only has about 2200 miles on it. I have not drove it enough to know what is normal and what is not. I do not notice any noise or slippage at any other time . Could this be where it has not been used enough? May go away? Or what would You be suspecting?? Thank You for any advice!!

  10. what the song name plzzzz ))

  11. You're welcome! Everyone use the engine oil for transmission… and Suzuki say engine oil 10w40 🙂

  12. Hey man thanks for all your help with your videos… I deglazed my clutch and changed the gear oil while I had it open… I did use the 10w40… Why not the typical 90w oil ? I went with what you did and the scoot runs like new !! I had slight vibration from the clutch glaze… Perfect now … Just curious about the oil …..?

  13. I think it's 7 lb-ft but I tight firm it with my hand

  14. craftsman – ratchet

  15. Hello Sir… I'm about to tackle this job….. What is the torque rating when I put the cvt cover back on with the 10 perimeter screws ?

  16. can u tell me what kinda wrench you are using.

  17. Oh man. I need that song!! O____O

  18. Hello!
    Congratulations for the Burgman 400 videos. I'm from Brazil, sorry my english, I'm using Google translator helps. Would you like a hint as preparing the Burgman 400. I have one year in 2012, I think in Brazil is the K8 and K9, not sure. I installed the kit Malossi Multivar 2000 plus Kevlar belt. It was cool, but that's to be better? It was good to rush, the better for urban use, but a little to be desired above 100km / h.
    What do you recommend or have done in your?

  19. watch?v=OcJb5ublkwI

  20. yo quiero una?

  21. Wow great video. Did you run 80mph most of the trip??

  22. Fcuking cool, dude. Where did you stop for a night? Do you still have the bike??

  23. Crazy video, thanks for your other work on the burgman 400 – makes it plain and simple to take on maintaining our own!
    I bought my wife a Burgman 400 (2007) and rode it across Australia, from Gympie QLD to Perth WA – an approx total of 4500km solo. Very nice ride, stopping only for sleep, fuel and food.
    Thanks again for your videos!?

  24. What weight rollers do u use for touring??

  25. hey Mic what jacket and pants do you have I like the combo?

  26. Nice ride and trip.  Question about the walkie talkie or GPS on your right side.  What is it and what kind of mount is that (where did you get it)??

  27. Hi Dude! Great video, I really enjoyed it. I'm an older guy who was thinking about getting one of these. My questions are: (1) what kind of MPG on the road? (2) What do U regard as a comfortable cruising speed with the Scooter (3) Have U had any problems with the rough roads with those size wheels, (4) any kind of problems with it? & finally (5) if U had it to do over again would U just get a Cycle? Thanks very much ahead of time, and info you would care to share would be greatly appreciated!

  28. As I rider I welcome anyone into the "community" regardless of what they ride but I have to say, in my opinion, that is the ugliest thing I have ever seen on two wheels!! Is it a scooter or a moped? …. and that helmet isn't helping things any. …. Just my .02 cents.

  29. I noticed that you were running 6,000 RPM @ 80 MPH. That seems low to me? My Xciting 500 Kymco would be pulling much higher RPM. Is your bike stock, or do you have a diff variator, Dr Pully sliders, heavyer rollers etc. Or could it just be speedo error? Mine is way off. Thanks.

  30. What kind of MPG do you get? What year is your bike?

  31. one battery… I turn on to film short then turn it off many times in one day trip…

  32. I wish I did! the longest one I did was 22 hours

  33. yeah? haha .. why? what for?

  34. You should apply for the Iron Butt thousand mile in 24 hours deal. I know you need to have receipts and had gas pump attends sign you were there that day and time.

  35. You really need to buy a harley!

  36. Great vid! How did you power you gopro? How many batteries did you use?

  37. and I though I was something going from San Antonio to Harlingen…..

  38. That was awesome Mitch. Oh I-10.

  39. want to go home! haha