Prueba del maxiscooter Suzuki Burgman 400 cc. No te la pierdas


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Suzuki Burgman 400 – Long Distance Touring Machine – Full Mods


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13 Responses to “Prueba Suzuki Burgman 400 cc –”

  1. Esta maxiscooter es semi-automatica??

  2. Wow, is the Burgman reliable enough for the purpose you are using it for?? What if it breaks down, self repair would be impossible wouldn't it??

  3. The seat cushioning apparatus is amazing.?

  4. Machas Gracias amigo de Argentina. Great video. I would love to take a road trip from Texas to Oregon during spring. This video is motivational.?

  5. @reveritus: 1) I really recommend the AF266 instead of the DT because in summer you remove the sliding part and make it a sports windscreen, with a lot of wind on your chest to make your ride fresher. 2) Buffeting is eliminated to the driver and reduced 80% to the pillion.?

  6. How do you like the Givi 266 Airflow windscreen? Is the buffeting reduced or eliminated compared to the stock windscreen? Does the airflow deflect over the pillion with the screen in the full up position? I am going to replace my windscreen with either the AF266 or the 266DT, still deciding which one would best suit my needs. Thanks for the videos, take care.?

  7. Nice set up! Thanks for upload!?

  8. Very nice video!
    Can you please share what model of side racks do you have for Givi cases??

  9. I love that setup!?

  10. Amazing…!
    I've a Burgman 400 k7 like this! Now I want to prepare it for a long trip in Europe. Your video helped me with interesting ideas.
    Thanks 😉 
    and greetings from Rome?

  11. Wow, you are definitely set to roll!  I like to see another biker that travels on his scoot.  Enjoyed your video.  Ride safe my friend…….Mike?

  12. Do you ride with the seat raised up? I see that you have a lot underneath it at it was not latched.?

  13. Which one do you think its the best bike for touring? for me,  hands down the Burgman, here is my setup for long distance riding: