Official promotional video of 2014 SUZUKI BURGMAN 200/ABS.

Urban energy runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every moment holds the promise of something special. Every corner presents a new experience waiting to happen. All you need is the freedom to find it. That freedom comes in the sporty form of the BURGMAN 200. Like the city itself, the BURGMAN pulses with originality. It’s loaded with well-designed space for carrying what you need. See how smooth two-wheel urban riding can be. Get out there and find your true self in the city.
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15 Responses to “2014 SUZUKI BURGMAN 200/ABS”

  1. Love my Burgie.
    Great ride, plenty of storage. Glad no shifting!?

  2. Brasil Esperando… tomara que venha com um bom preço de concorrência.?

  3. Is the Japanese life lighter than a European ????????????Japanese specifications ?

  4. Yet another fraud on the scooter riding community. Bore = 63mm Stroke = 53.4mm Crunch the numbers and it gives this bike a capacity of 166.4cc. In Australia we have an extremely unfair insurance system where motor cycles over 225cc pay the same insurance as bikes as big as 715cc. So every time a manufacturer brings out a scooter in the 200cc class I wait in anticipation to get the specs and every time I do I am met with this kind of fraud. The 200cc class is a joke. So far the closest to the mark is the Aprilia Scarabeo 200 which at only 181cc is still nearly 10% shy of it's claimed capacity. Everything else is smaller including this thing which is barely bigger that a 150 but weighs just as much as my Kymco 250 !?

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  7. To small tires and to little springs

  8. ???? ???????…

  9. very good

  10. really nice bike !

  11. nice Thailand

  12. really nice! Finally baby Burgmans are coming to US next year!

  13. ??????????????125?????? ????????????

  14. Good news !

  15. Very nice indeed.