I take a ride on a Suzuki Burgman 650 Scooter.
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Paul Johnston reviews the 2001 Suzuki Burgman – a large powerful scooter that will get you around town with the practicality and ease of a regular scooter, but still has the performance with it’s 400cc engine to keep up with the traffic when you need it to.
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24 Responses to “Suzuki Burgman 650 Scooter”

  1. the future of motorcycles is going towards automatic transmission and 3 or 4 wheel's .as a pure motorcycle I liked the Honda PCH, but they don't make that anymore.the Bregman reminds me so much of the things that I loved about the PCH.?

  2. fun video man. and funny 😀

    i wanna get this or a 400. whichever money allows. ill be moving up from a 150 Honda PCX scooter. i really can't wait to get one of these burgmans oh man.?

  3. The Burgman is going to be my next addition. I drive it's competition right now (Yamaha TMAX) it's a great bike but I want a Burg for road trips it's much more comfortable.?

  4. No clutch??

  5. Great video.  You missed the shifter mode though!  Manual mode is mandatory for the twisties!  I don't need to blow up skirts so I like mine.  I have a built for me Corbin seat on mine.  I love it!
    "Burgman 650 with Corbin seat"   Search that one.?

  6. Hello

    I have held a Full licence for Motor bikes and cars for over 30 years. I have driven automatic cars for the last 10 plus years because of medical conditions, I just can't cope with all the gear changing. I would like to try one of these for the same reason as I would like to get back onto a Motor bike sometime. My sister has the 125 cc  version and prefers it for around town as it is so easy to drive and doesn't get stopped by traffic jams,

    Andy C?

  7. Love my 2013 Burgman 650.  Won't ride anything else, and I've owned Harleys, Goldwings, Yamahas, you name it.  Burgies are the best!?

  8. just want to say the burgman is a great ride. i had 5 goldwings, a tourdeluxe, and a royalstar venture. been across this country from the midwest to california all the way up the coast to washington and back. with the wings and the yammies. and i have to say i like the burgman as well as the big bikes. i guess i made the full circle. wouldn"t be afraid to do it with the burgy either. great machine.?

  9. I have to get one of these beauties.?

  10. WOW! A truly honest review for a change. I've owed my share of bikes most of them made in japan to an all of them were standard shift. A year ago my daughter suggested I find a more economical method of transportation other than my 1995 GMC Serria 1500 4X4 pickup. Working as a wildlife photographer the truck came in handy when I lived in Maine. Now live in North Carolina and have taken my daughter up on her suggestion for a more economical mode of transportation. I started my research thinking I'll just get a little moped  or a scooter. Than a friend suggested the Honda silver wing. nice bike but only 250 cc I'm a big boy that's not going to last me long. Than I happen to see a Burgman video on here and the 650 cc's peaked my interest fast. While I'd love to run right out and by a brand new Burgman. I have to remember for me its like the guy that wants a brand new Cadillac but has the budget for a very very old late model Toyota.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel and for a change its not an on coming train load of disaster for me. Over the last year I have found the resources I need  to buy a good used 2003 Burgman. In a few weeks I will hopefully find the joy so many others have found in the Burgman as well.?

  11. Thank You Nice Review?

  12. Have to say that was a pretty good look at the Burgman. We bought one in 2005. The only thing he didn't mention it is also a good bike for a cross-country we have gone on many long trips riding double. Plenty a power very comfortable, maybe a big cruiser might be a little better but the Burgman is a much nicer ride that most any other motorcycle. So thanks enjoy the video.?

  13. Very honest.?

  14. It's not the best looking machine, but it's practical. I don't think it's for me though. I'd rather put on the saddle bags, trunk bag, and/or tank bag depending on the need, and still have a fun to ride motorcycle..

  15. Glad to see you give it a thumbs up. My Vespa is a great commuter bike as well. I have nowhere near the storage a Burgman has though. You have to have a thick skin if you ride a scoot, but if you don't give a rats ass about what other people think, they're fun as hell.

  16. 🙂

  17. muttonshutter, Yes, the sales manager at the shop I got my bike from rides a scooter and he can ride anything he wants. …and I can now speak from personal experience and say the big scooters SCOOT! Thanks for watching.

  18. I ride a maxi scooter like this, i use it to commute into London and then ride around town for several hours at a time, as you will see in my videos ; ) , i find it very comfortable and i have even more space under my seat than that model your riding.

  19. I know several who own these. If it were not for the cost, I might be more interested myself.

  20. If I were to get a scooter, I would probably get either the 2013 Honda PCX150 or the 2014 Kawasaki J300. I've seen the PCX150 on the street and I thought it looked nice. Both get freaking great fuel mileage (Kawi 70 MPG; Honda 100 MPG), which is another reason they're great for daily commuters in congested areas and for budget mind people (like students). Low maintenance too.

    I've seen many females & guys on scooters (some as passengers). They looked pretty sexy (and cool) to me.

  21. Hi Wll,just a wee vid to see the 400cc in a little action.let us know what you think!?

  22. I don't understand the whole bike vs scooter thing. They both have two wheels and an engine. They're just a type of motorcycle?

  23. My 2000 Suzuki skywave 400 still running in good condition, already running 100,000km, it's a good scooter made from Japan.?

  24. love em'!?