This was my first time on a scooter and it was fun! No, I won’t be buying one BUT this baby had some good pep! Packing a 650 engine that’s smooth as glass, the automatic CVT transmission makes it simple for anyone to not only get around town but take on the freeway, no problem. With power folding mirrors, power windscreen, push button shifting if desired, plenty of room and office chair comfort, it’s certainly appealing to many people that have the need for a scooter.

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9 Responses to “2016 Suzuki Burgman 650 ABS Executive Scooter Review”

  1. I have 25,000+ miles through 12 states and Toronto on my 2013 Burgman 650, and usually when traditional bike guys test these scooters out, their prejudice overwhelms their review. You did a great job of conveying the pros and cons and the overall riding experience. Excellent job! However, the LEFT brake handle is the REAR brake, not the FRONT. Two-wheels-down bro!?

  2. Well done review. Was a fun ride. Thanks!?

    Walk around with the new 2016 Burgman!!! I can't wait. I got to test ride a 2013 and I fell in love. It is everything you guys said it was. But being the woman that I am, I HAVE to have the newest one. Plus my husband's bonus comes in February. :)?

  4. Thanks for a great review. I own one of these in the Uk, my wife and I have toured Northern Spain and Germany on it no probs. I want to thank you for being so fair, we get tired sometimes of the outright prejudice shown by some bikers. We are all out there on two wheels and big scooters are more than capable of thousands of miles touring, fast commuting and great weather protection. Mine is used 365 days of the year except ice and snow. Keep telling people how good these are. Thanks Groucherino?

  5. Good review – thanks?

  6. Hey Bryan. I'm both surprised and and happy that you did this review. Until a couple of years ago, (pre-divorce), I owned 3 bikes. I was lucky enough to have a Harley fat boy, a CBR 600RR, and of all things, a 650 burgman. I initially got the burgman for my wife, but after asking for it, she decided that she didn't like to ride. So, there it sat, getting dusty in my garage. I loved and rode my Harley and CBR daily, but eventually noticed the Suzuki and thought I'd better give it a spin around the block to keep the battery charged and the oil circulated. Man oh man, was I surprised! I really enjoyed it. It was way quicker than I expected, and the comfort level was off the charts. Bearing in mind that I was used to a big ass Harley that was ridiculously loud and although comfy, had all the inherent vibes, and the CBR, That was loud, fast and killed my back and wrists after an hour or two. So I got on the burgman, started it, and had to look at the tach to be sure it was actually running. Adjusted the screen and mirrors at the touch of a button, and set off to 7-11. The ride there was the most comfortable I've ever been on 2 wheels. I had to travel 1 exit along the freeway, and couldn't believe how quick it was, (overtook everything), and got to the store. I bought a couple of things and went outside. While stuffing my purchases in my jacket it occurred to me to have a look under the seat. WOW, (you should have mentioned this), the carrying capacity is huge. You can literally fit 2 helmets under there! I went back in the store and filled 3 grocery bags that all went under the seat. On the way home it rained a little, and I remained dry. So, to conclude this story, obviously thank you for All of your posts, but also thanks for reviewing a cycle that I guess no one else will take notice of. I have to be honest, I enjoyed riding that thing almost as much as the other two, especially if I needed to make a store run. Although it had all that stowage, (and also the front compartments), and the control system, I have a hard time calling it a scooter. It's so much more, it almost deserves a category of it's own. Anyway Bryan, keep the content flowing, I look forward to, and enjoy them all. Ride safe matey.?

  7. that electronic stuff for "gears" is just another part that can break. honda silverwing 600 is much more reliable and has same comfort level. i still have my wing alongside fjr ;)?

  8. Cool. Just what you need;-)?

  9. l bought one of these, it is so great. l had knee surgery, so l do not have to change gears. you did not mention the power button, abs brakes ,park brake, adjustable shocks,storage, l could go on and on, just love it and l still have a big harley but would rather ride the scooter?