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One Response to “Suzuki Burgman 650cc executive II.mp4 [Video]”

  1. This is the first negative review of the Burgman 650 I have come across.

    The transmission on the 650 feels different than the one on the Burgman 400.
    The reviewers didn’t like it and preferred a more traditional CVT found
    on the other scooters in the “shoot out”

    They called the 650 “A Goldwing that you can “swing your leg over” ”
    I think the reviewer was referring to the step thru frame. The Burgman does
    weigh 130 lbs. more than the other maxi scooters but it is hardly in the Goldwing class and the weight is low to the ground and much easier to handle.

    One reviewer did not like the name Burgman and gave it a “thumbs down”

    One reviewer said the 650 had a “Manumatic transmission”
    “weird clutch – never where you want it to be.”
    “Cant find a gear – always hunting”
    “Gas it and it revs to the moon”

    I have never experienced the problems the reviewers found.