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Erick sent in a picture of his sound system on his Burgman, You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Here is what he said “burgman 650 exec. with jl audio speakers and a 8′ kicker solo baric”

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9 Responses to “Now That’s a Burgman Sound System”

  1. cool~~

  2. Must have a nice sound to it.Do you feel any vibration in the seat especially when a song full of base is playing.

  3. I’ve heard about people talking through their ass, but never listening through it.
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  4. I’m trying to find a radio system for my Burgman 650 Executive ,with no sucess .
    Pictures that I have seen so far looks terrable. I don’t quite understand how or where yours is mounted. Hope you give me some ideas. Richard

  5. Let me know what “experts” were able to install this system. My idea would be to replace the small glove boxes on each sides with small high performance speakers, and to install the subwoofer as you have, in the trunk under the seat. Let me know who did it and how they did it. The bike is so quiet anyway, that a good sound system would probably work just fine.

  6. Maybe it’s just me being old but in these days of PERSONAL music players I get mildly annoyed at hearing young “cagers” passing my house with their onboard music at full volume! And that’s through my triple glazing and through their cars’ wound-up windows!!! Imagine then when the summer comes and a bike blasting the atmosphere cruises slowly past! What’s wrong with an MP3 player and good headphones?

    (Q: What does the C in Henry C stands for!? A: Curmudgeon!!) 😉

  7. i pull next to people in there cars and they say man that system sounds better than there car

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