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“Hi everyone, this is the first Danson Trike conversion in Australia. Todd from Rocky Mountain Conversions has been great nothing is too much trouble. The top box is a Bestem approx $100US and followed the directions from the Burgman USA site posted by LeDude (very indepth snd informative), we have also put a peice of aluminium under it to hold the Radio antenae and a flag pole. The seat extension I found on this site in the accessories from ebay, it came from Cruiser back rest and is very comfy cost approx $66 US. I am looking forward to plenty of happy rides in Oz.”


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14 Responses to “Missy from Downunder Sends in Danson Trike Photo”

  1. Missy,

    What does the red P mean on the back?


  2. Very cool Missy! We almost have twins!

  3. why not just buy a car?

  4. why can’t anyone make something for the tunnel area that looks sporty,cool and mean. I know there are some tunnel bags out there but they just don’t give that wow look to your burgman. Dave

  5. Hi Missy
    That sure makes a nice bike
    I am thinking of installing one on my 2007 Burgman
    Being a senior the stability would be much appreciated

  6. I ride the trike because I can’t throw my leg over a motorcycle after my back was fused with two rods and twelve screws. Anyone who gives up riding for a cage doesn’t like to ride as much as I do. I found a way to do what I have a passion for with my Danson trike. I hope you never have to make the same decision for health reasons.
    I have had ignorant people call the outrigger wheels training wheels also. I haven’t needed training wheels for over 40 years, 25 bikes, and well over a million miles. But my legs aren’t as strong as they used to be before nerve damage. Ride what you like, and I will do the same.

  7. Dave, Wayne Laguille has the Burgman Trike forum, and goes by seatec. He has made some very nice storage compartments out of fiberglass for the tunnel area.

  8. On the question about the AN650 being hard to controle at low speed,I would say yes,if you have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time.

  9. Hi If you can, how much you paid for the kit, and if is in australia, ai have a problem in my back, and I dont wanto to give up to ride tanks

  10. Hi Missy, that looks really cool the conversion glad to hear you are still riding I shifted from a Honda Shadow 200 Crusier to the Burgman 400 and I had a back opp two new disc put in my lower lumbar a while ago (6Years) and it is so much better riding the scooter I do love the back rest I would certainly like one of those on my bike. So keep enjoying the rides I just love it. Although battling the wind sometimes still working on that one. Stay safe and have fun. Happydi

  11. Thanks that was a interesting post!

  12. Cool look.

    I’m riding on my own right now. Hubby won’t ride a two-wheeler as a passenger or get a license to operate one. He has mentioned that he would consider a side car or a trike. I can’t quite tell by the photo and your message doesn’t say; was your conversion for a 650?

  13. Hi Missy, I am from the land downunder also, Swan Hill Victoria, I was taken off the top of a semi trailer about 8 years ago, I’ve had one operation on my back but that didn’t help a whole lot but we keep going. I also have the problem of not being able to swing my leg over a lager bike, not even a gold wing so an 05 650 was the way to go. I had not riden a bike since I was 14 (now 59) boy have I missed out. Love the trike,I may look at this later on depends how I go in another year or two, could you give me an idea of the cost here in Australia, I have seen them on the internet and thought they were a great thing but the cost was a factor.

  14. HI Missy.
    Scootercol here i sold my Harley Trike and bought a burgy.