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Van sent in the picture below to share.

“This is my 06 Danson Burgman 650 Trike. It has Progressive air shocks on the trike, IKON shocks on the scoot, RaceTech springs and cartridge emulators, a Bridgestone Potenza car tire on the back of the scooter, Givi topbox, extra tall Clearview shield with vent, wood trim kit. I also have a Blue 03 650 Burgy!

I actually have 3 Burgs now, including a sidecar rig!”


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  1. Hi,
    I give this a five star rating, I can see a few riders I have come accross converting to this when they think the Burgman is getting a bit to heavy for them.
    Is the back rest part of the kit,?
    Regards Mike
    from DOWNUNDER

  2. No, it is a Utopia rest. A bad back with 2 rods and 12 screws necessitated trying alternative methods to continue riding. My wife passes due to cancer 4 months ago. Riding together was something we loved, and she made me promise to find a way to continue our passion for it. The trike and sidecar rigs fill the bill for me.

  3. Van, So sorry to hear of your loss but good on you for carrying on your hobby.

    I am intrigued by these “trikes” which actually appear to be four-wheelers with the original rear wheel giving traction? I’m not sure how these would be viewed – and more importantly taxed – here in England, where three-wheelers are permitted motorcycle status under 450kg AUW, at least in terms of taxation. I have been a trilophile for years but only achieved my ambition in producing one thus far – a Lomax 223 kit-car based on the modified chassis of the Citroen 2CV with its 602cc air-cooled “boxer” engine. A 1930’s style fibreglass body gave the trike real character and performance too, as I realised as I approached 95mph and still pulling heartily before I “chickened out”!!

    Ride safe – and comfortable – my friend!

  4. Hi Van, Sorry to hear about your wife, she will be happy to see you carrying on with what you love. I have just done the same to my burgman. I am in Australia and it is the first Danson to come down under.
    Enjoy and stay safe.

  5. Hi Mike,
    I got a back rest from cruiserbackrest on ebay about $60 haven’t got it fitted yet but looks like it should do a good job. When the burg’s all finnished I’l post a photo or two.
    Happy riding.
    Missy (also from downunder)

  6. Hi Van,

    Looks great, how does it handle? How about backing into a parking place, any problems? Where did you get the conversion done? I live in Buena Park, Ca. and would like to find someone in SoCal that could does conversions. Thanks


  7. The trike is sweet; where did you purchase the tall windshield and does it keep more wind off your face? Is it also easy to see through? Enjoy your ride:) Chriss

  8. Hello from Central Texas. I recently traded my white 2009 Burgman 650 Exec for a Red 2007 Exec with a Danson conversion. Both have less than 4000 miles and in perfect condition. As it was almost an even trade I’m really happy with the deal. I have just one problem; I consistently got 50 mpg with the 09 but I’m getting around 28 in the city and maybe 33 out on country roads. Refills come at around 100 miles on the odometer. I haven’t done anything to correct this except make sure that tire pressure is right; 41 front, 33 rear, 10 in the Danson tires. Anyone have any suggestions?

  9. Mike,

    I have a Burgman 2005 650-cc trike. Just bought it a week ago up in Akron Ohio and rode it back to Cincinnati. Best purchase I made in awhile. I wish I bought one like this many years ago. It is very fun to ride, confortable, gets good gas milage and gets plenty of looks. Need to get a paint job and new tires and will be doing this shortly. I have the Danson package on the trike and it looks good. Even have a hitch on the back. I saw one for sale yesterday on E-Bay in Florida and wow did it look good. Already sold candy apple red almost new. I wish Burgman made trike models from the factory. I bet they would sell.

  10. I have the Danson kit on my 650 and love it. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to ride it much any more and have put it up for sale here locally. I haven’t figured out how to move the description and pictures to the bikes for sale page here on this site so you’ll have to check it out with the tags listed below.

    Tags: Custom Seat, Danson Trike Kit, Seat Mod, Seat Modification, Trike Conversion Kit, Trike Kit
    Posted in: Burgman Photos

    Was asking $12,00 NOW asking $8,950 or reasonable offer with everything in the picture except the beaded seat cover. My Danson kit was hand built by Danny in Kentucky in ’07 and the bike and kit have approximately 6o00 miles on it. Extended warranty good until July 2012.

    Excellent condition, except for the mirror ding mentioned below.

    This bike is a glacier white ’06 with the GIVI 52 top box with light and GIVI windshield, burlwood trim and a new rear tire. I also have a car tire for the rear, but didn’t have it available when I needed the new rear tire. I have added heated grips, driving lights, dual chrome air horns, handlebar risers, Cortech saddle bags (stay if offer is reasonable), LED license plate with turn signals, arrow signals on side mirrors, bungie hooks, rear light modulator, battery tender plug in and day glo reflective decals. I’ve had all the accessories added professionally and have about $16000 invested in accessories and labor with the local dealership.
    There are pictures here on this site, talking about the Red modified marine grade vinyl gel seat and seat cover I had customized. I have red Baker air wings on the fairing and had them on the mirror’s but someone decided they needed the right one more than I and broke it off the mirror housing. There is a v shape broken off the top of the housing that I haven’t fixed, yet.

    email: j_teach19 at yahoo dot com for specifics. Serious cash offers only please.

  11. I am thinking of buying a trike. These Burgman trikes have caught my eye. Does anyone know of anyone in England who makes them ?

  12. I have an 09 659 that I got a Trinity Trike last August. This was the first (after the prototype) on the road. I have 8000+ miles on the trike and love it. Get about 40 MPH. Originally came with a belt drive, which is now chain. Much quieter.

    trinitytrike.com has been talking to someone who is interested in European distribution.

  13. One more thought on the trike, any trike should be parked so that backup is more or less level. Steep upgrades can be hard. Trinity has a electrical back-up in the works. I doubt if I’d get it. Planned parking is the key.

    While I think the axle with differential really is what makes Trinity great.. Also, alignment is NOT an issue with Trinity.

    I would recommend that you add Trinity Trike to the list to consider.

    ps, my Burgman is a 650, not a 659.

  14. hi i too am in Australia and my friend recently purchased a 2009-10 model burgeman, he absolutely loves it but is interested in the trike kit. price availability in Australia e.t.c. any info would be grateful. cheers from a fellow Aussie

  15. ciekawy artylku?:)