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Thank you Judy for sending in a photo of the new bike. You will have a lot of fun riding it. The Burgman is a hell of a great ride and Burgman riders are the nicest group of people you will meet, beside Gold Wing riders of course.

Here is what Judy said:

“I picked up my new 2009 Burgman 650 up on Sat. Oct 31. I’m a first time driver/owner. My boyfriend has a Goldwing and I love riding behind him but thought this would be a fun challenge for me. After looking for awhile I decided the Burgman would be the right choice for me. He gave me my first lesson on Sun. and thinks I’d did really well. Hopefully I’ll be hitting the open road soon!! I guess I should mention that I’m over 50 and had not even put my hands on a set of handlebars before!!! So for me it’s exciting, challenging and a little frightening all at the same time. I know I’ll look back at this post in a few months and laugh!!!

We are so happy to have found this site because of all the info that riders are providing. My boyfriend will be helping me maintain my bike and has already learned from this site how to change the fluids etc. Thanks and Happy riding to all!! God Bless!”


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22 Responses to “Judy Sends in a Photo of Herself and New Burgie”

  1. 650 in black, great choice. Enjoy and stay safe.

  2. They both look good. I ride a 2007 Burgman 650 and am very happy with it. Happy trails to you, my lady.

  3. Hay Judy
    Congrats on your Burgi I’m new at bike riding too. Only I have 2 yrs over you. I’m in my late 50’s and never rode a bike except behind a friend yrs ago. With friends and relatives riding for decades my wife finally talked me into riding. We too looked around untill we found 2007 Burgman 650 and now I wish I would of done this yrs ago I really love this bike it can keep up with a Gold Wing with no trouble. You’ll find you’re disappointed in the weather forcast when it isn’t in your favor because you can’t ride very well in wet weather. I don’t think I can ride a standard shift now. Dave

  4. Good luck Judy, the Burgman is a great choice. You can keep up with your boyfriends Gold Wing too. I find I ride the Burgman more than I do my 09 Harley Screamin’ Eagle Road Glide. You will learn to love your Burgman
    Be safe

  5. Congratulations Judy … great scooter (bike) ! My wife is currently in the market for her first scooter and you are certainly an inspiration!! Heres hoping you have many many happy safe and fun miles!!

  6. Nice!
    I have a 2007 400cc and love it. Too much rain this year, damn it!
    Looking for others near where I live that have a Burgman 400 or 650, but so far, nothing! Anybody out there in the Newburgh, N.Y. area?? Hello!?!? Drop me a line or post here!

  7. Congrats Judy! I have a white 2006 650 and LOVE IT! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever ride a bike, but I can’t get enough of it. ENJOY!
    btw Newburgh, NY Mike! I live in Rochester!!!

  8. Judy, thank you for your picture. I am a new owner of a Burgman 650, I am 42 years old and have NEVER driven anything that looked like a motorbike. Now I will say I’ve road on the back of several. I am excited but very nervous in learning how to drive. My husband will be teaching me and im thinking of taking a Moterbike class, if I can found one. Any how, best of luck on learning yours as I learn mine.

  9. Regina…I just signed up for the Motorcycle Safety Class today…also got my permit today…only missed one question and passed the eye test without my glasses….hooray!!!! Yes…I’m a bit scared too but we’ll both laugh about it someday…thanks for your comments…good luck to you too!!

  10. I have just got to say that watching the progress of you Judy and reading the comments of others just reminds me that it is never to late to enjoy riding.

    It takes guts to face the uncertain world and deal with the fears of riding, all new riders have them, I did. But the payoff is just so awesome.

    I would much rather spend time on my motorcycle on the road than do just about anything else. For me, riding is my church and not only does it make me feel happy and warm but I meet the most incredible people riding.

    Keep up the accomplishments, it only gets better.


  11. Steve…thanks so much for the encouragement..I will be starting the class on Nov. 20th….it’s a 3 day class and if you pass you then get your endorsement on your license from the DMV….I’m sure you know that already….I can’t wait until I feel as comfortable as you do when you’re riding!! I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of N. Carolina and you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place to ride, especially on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

    Thanks again for your encouragement…wish me luck on Nov. 20th!!

  12. Judy,

    I’m not all that far away from you. I’m in Raleigh. Maybe when you pass we can plan to meet and go for a ride. I’ve got my Wing now but my buddy Charles will bring his black Burgman.

    Passing the class felt like a major milestone. Others have said the same thing.


  13. Hey All,

    I got an update from Judy I wanted to share.


    Hi Everyone!!! After discussing it with my boyfriend, I decided to enroll in a cycle safety school. I’m proud to say that Sunday Nov. 22, I completed and graduated from the NC Motorcycle Safety Education Program. It was a great experience and I learned so much.

    The weather cooperated until Sunday afternoon and when we started the skills evaluation test it started to rain…alot!! Having never driven a shifting bike I had alot to learn but the shifting wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be!! The RiderCoaches were great and you could tell they really wanted everybody to succeed.

    Anyone that has taken the course knows that parts of the skills test can be difficult and frustrating for a beginner like myself but I was determined to conquer it…especially the figure 8 inside the box!! The rain and 40 degree weather didn’t help!! But I made it and visited the DMV on Monday to recieve my Motorcycle Endorsement!!! Looking forward to gaining experience and having some fun now!!!


  14. How do you ride the bike bolted to the floor of the trailer?

  15. Hi Judy and Regina! I just found this site. I am a 46 year old girl who liked riding on the back of a bike o.k. but really started to enjoy the sport when I got my own burgman 400 to ride with my sons and husband! I did pass a motorcycle safety course the end of October and really enjoy my bike but I still struggle with some riding issues. First off, I am just under 5’3″ and can not flat foot the ground, even with a 2″ heal on a shoe. I guess my shortest area is from the hip down, longer trunk, and would love to find a way to flat foot, which would really help me, especially with backing up my bike. I am also still trying to gain confidence in tight cornering and counter stearing. My husband is checking into a person that can possibly trim some of the meat off of my seat to get my feet a little closer to the ground. Judy I love your bike! Mine is the same in a 400 with lots of colorful flower decals and a pink skull with a heart shaped nose, on the back! I also have a black helmet with some pink flowers to match! It gets lots of stares on the road! Have fun girls and write back if you have any suggestions for me:) Chriss

  16. Hey again, Judy, I just read the comment Steve passed on about you passing the Rider Safety course…the weekend of my course it was 22 degrees…totally freezing cold, but I did it. I kept telling myself to suck it up and learn as much as I can, then I can continue to practice the skills I learned. I was prepared for the weather, but it was still very cold.

  17. I’ve only had my Burgman 650 a few weeks, and am just learning about it. I just discovered that the gas gauge is not to be trusted, ran out of gas when I should have nearly a gallon, if the owners’ manual is to be believed. Clearly, it’s not.
    Fortunately, I always carry a liter of gas in a camping fuel container.

    And why doesn’t the owners’ manual say anything about the overdrive???
    [email protected]

  18. Hi , Judy Beautiful bike! I am a 50 yo female. I have the same burgie 650 in black. I’m about your stature-I just wanted to warn you that the burgie is almost 600 pounds!!! Triple check the kick stand before you get off the bike! Make sure it is firmly in place on the ground on a level surface! I got off mine and the stand was not fully down I dropped the bike with me on it. Luckily I did’nt get hurt! A woman helped me up and we got the bike up. almost 1000.00 for a new paint job which came out perfect-right off the show room floor. I know the reason was because I was’nt wearing motor cycle boots and was a bit careless. I hope this story helps someone else. Safety First! Enjoy burgie, Dorothy

  19. You go, Judy! I’m 66 and ride a Burgman 400. I started out on a 150 Rocketta, but after three years the 150 (running out of gas on anything longer than a short run) just couldn’t keep up with all the rides my husband and I to take. I trailered my 150 scooter in to the Motorcycle Safety class and passed with flying colors! Like you, the weather was horrible, but what a great way to learn about riding in inclement weather. My husband rides a Yamaha V Star and we ride everywhere now including freeway trips. We joined a motorcycle club and several men in the club ride Burgmans, too, although most have motorcycles. It doesn’t bother us at all as we zip around with the fastest bikes. Because we trailer, I bought a special tire mount at our local Suzuki Shop that keeps my Burgie up right and safe with just two tie downs. Standard motorcycle mounts are too high and can rub against the front brake rotor.

  20. Hey Dorothy, hope you found a solution to flat footing your Burgie. On Day three, I tipped mine in a parking when I hit a curb, put my foot out to keep it from going down and broke my foot in three places. Yes, I had thick leather riding boots on. Instead of taking it to an auto repair shop, I ordered the pieces that cracked and scuffed for a fraction of the cost…around $250…….and my Burgie looks like new. In the middle of a cold, nasty winter, I started riding again and have never regretted in. Good times! Wishing you the best, Shirley

  21. can u tell me where did u buy the trailer .and what is the name of that trailer .im looking for a trailer to buy. i have a 2011 suzuki burgman 650 executive.thank you very much .and have a safe ride…

  22. My husband has a Yamaha so we wanted a trailer big enough to comfortably carry both the scoot and his bike. We saw an ad on Craig’s List for a 12 ft. trailer. It was hand built and very solid and heavy…no problem for our Armada or our motorhome to pull 1,600 lbs. plus the 1,000 for the scoot and bike. We do recommend that what ever type of trailer you purchase, to buy a wheel chuck specifically for your scooter. We, also, invested in heavy duty strapping. Enjoy your 650 Burgie. I love my 400 more each and every day!