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Bouncer sent in this photo of him heading out on his Burgman. “the outdoors one is my second ‘big trip’ to a wedding London to Ipswich – that when I started to discover how cold it could get on a bike!


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8 Responses to “Bouncer Before The Long Cold Ride”

  1. I think you’ll find that Bouncer is a she not a he? (Excuse me if I am wrong?)

  2. Yes she is – do I look that bad!

  3. Indeed not, dear lady. But we are all camouflaged by our biker gear! However a proper reading of your words gives the game away for me! Shame you didn’t make it to join up with the Maxi-Muppets at the Copdock Bike Show in Ipswich a couple of weekends ago. Come on board sometime at http://www.maxi-muppets.co.uk/phpBBInt/ …… not as refined as here but seemingly a good bunch of people – girls included btw.

  4. Phew! thanks for the tip will check it out.

  5. Y Bouncer? or shouldn’t I ask?…. lol.

    That was a very adventurous trip, you did, especially on a 125cc. Well done You.
    I’ve been wareing ordinary every-day clothes, up to today, but it’s got decidedly chilly, and its time to don my motorcycle gear, and full face helmet, now.


  6. Just back this evening from roud trip London to Branston for my nieces Hen Party – then to Saxilby then to Gainsboro andall the way back ! Now it really is cold even with five layers on top and the country is so dark! Luckily no ‘critters’ jumped out at me!

    Bouncer because we did! I had a little slip not long after I got ‘her’ but we ‘bounced’ right back – so it kind of stuck … silly maybe but hey it all adds to the fun.

  7. Blimey, Bouncer, I’ve just looked up your route, on my atlas. You don’t do things by half, do you. I hope you caught the train…lol…(1843hrs. Tues. 20th.)

  8. Im going to take that as a compliment! and dont forget I cant do motorways so I had an all round babtism by fire – long distance, cold and night driving! Feeling pretty damn proud of myself even so.