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Bouncer sent in the following picture and message.

“The ‘indoors’ one is me showing off my ‘scuba suit’ I like it very much for summer and the outdoors one is my second ‘big trip’ to a wedding London to Ipswich – that when I started to discover how cold it could get on a bike!”


Bouncer, I only got the one.


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3 Responses to “My London Scuba Suit for Riding the Burgman – Bouncer”

  1. Technology – I’ll never get it!

    I’ll send separately?

  2. Nice one, Jan.

    Must save a packet on your central heating bills…..but in the summer?…….no wonder you feal the cold when you go out for a ride!. lol…….Just joking, of course.


  3. LoL! I felt too posey taking a pic outdoors on my own and there was no-where to put the camera! /Doesnt everyone wear their gear indoors then>??? 🙂