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Once you see the anonymous rider submitted photo below you will appreciate the homespun ingenuity that went into this 650 touring rig.

“This is my ride while touring Idaho.. Wonderful bike – Wonderful trip.”


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17 Responses to “User Contributes Burgman Pic of Homemade Trailer”

  1. Great! How did you attach it?
    Photo’s of that would be most useful.
    Can you purchase the setup?
    John of Tasmania

  2. Hi John. I live in Provo, Utah and at the moment it is 2:29 am, so I will wait until morning and go out and take some pictures of the trailer set up. I will also send the contact information for the guy who builds the trailer hitch for the Burgman. It is beautiful..all chrome and so easy to attach. It is a little pricey at $275, but well worth it. It takes less than 5 minutes to put it on, and is very attractive on the bike. If you have a Harbor Freight in your area, buy the smallest trailer… I paid $165 for it on sale. Then I went to Pepboys and bought the car top for $125. The trailer comes unassembled in a box. I guess it took me about 2 hours to put it all together..The car top attaches perfectly to the trailer. In Utah if your trailer is less than 1500 lbs, no licensing is necessary. I pull the trailer at 75 mph and never even know it is there. It holds my tent, sleeping bag, clothes, computer, food, and whatever else I want to put in it.

  3. Hi Gene,
    I have a 400 2009 ABS Burgman.

    I ride solo and weigh 100 Kilogrammes.

    Hard to get stuff down here in Australia let alone in the island of Tasmania.
    Your bike looks a bit like a 4oo?

    Do you think my bike would pull it OK?

    I am intrigued by the box you have at the back. The Suzuki chaps in Adelaide South Australia where I bought the bike said they did not have such an accessory available.

    I really like your setup, I am 73 and find it hard to ride my now sold 42 WLA and Yamaha Star; I am absolutely delighted by the Burgman as it is so comfortable. I find cruisers etc hard to get my leg over as a result of an accident. Many years ago

  4. Hi John… You are only one year older than me. I will be 73 next May. Here is the information you wanted… http://www.hitchusa.com Their phone number is 954-784-0119. I ordered mine and received it via UPS. I was mistaken about the price… I paid $295 for it. Your 400 will pull the trailer with no problem at all. I am going to look around this site and see if I can put a picture of the hitch somewhere… so look around for it… gene

  5. I forgot to mention the box on the back… I also got that “toolbox” at Harbor Freight for $19.95. I got the mount from Givi… The mount was more expensive than the box.

  6. Very nice! Hat’s off to you!

  7. Thanks Gene,
    Gene, you are going to a lot of trouble for me and that is appreciated.

    So you are an old “fella” too.

    Thus you will understand my situation.

    Are you a vet? I reckon I wish you lived down here. We could have a coffee together and go for some rides.

    Is this the one that fits:
    650 GS – G/L 1982-83 (Chain) 18 295.00 $
    Burgman 163 295.00 $
    Boulevard S40 2005+ ********

    That is all I could see that said Burgman.

    Thanks Cobber

  8. Lynn,
    Should that be “Helmets off” to you.
    We old farts have to protect what little we have left upstairs.
    Cheers to all

  9. The trailer you put together is awesome. I never would have thought that for about $500 you could create the trailer with the hitch. A real bargain created from true ingenuity.


  10. Love the rig! How practical! I am surprised at the hitch cost though but I guess one has to pay for the ingenuity and workmanship – looking forward to seeing the detail.

  11. John,

    “Helmets off” to you works for me too. I’m sure I am considerably younger and better looking than you, but I still value my brain. LMAO!!!!


  12. Lynn,
    Yes I would be older than you Lynn and most certainly uglier in fact I would be probably be the ugliest man in Australia.

    Ugly men are greatly desired by the ladies in Australia as accessories because they make the woman prettier by comparison. Pretty men are discriminated against in OZ and have to go overseas.

    My wife is lovely …… She bought me the Burgman.

  13. John,
    Very good reasoning you use there in Australia. I’m gonna have to find me the ugliest man ever! Your wife must value your ugliness very much to have gotten you the Burgman!

  14. Lynn,

    If wear my full face helmet and sunny glasses; my ugliness would not be revealed, I then would live in danger of being deported to become an an actor in the USA.

    Although my wife is supportive of my riding; she herself, is terrified and will not ride with me.

    That came about because when I was courting her, I took her for a spin in the hills.

    I mistook her perfect pillion behavior as being at one with the bike and opened the throttle; alas it was but a “Garfield” response.

    My visions were 99% fulfilled, except no long rides across the country.

    I am hoping that a little moderate ride or two on the Burgman will have a salutary effect upon the good lady.

    You may well find your ugly man in Australia, though many are saying that the UK is a good source.

    It is Good to Laugh.

  15. yes it is….thank you very much!

  16. Would it be hard to fabricate the hitch?

  17. not really positive if this is the ideal area to inquire, nevertheless I have a couple of waverunners at 800 weight each and I have a two thousand jeep cherokee sport 4. litre with no towing package. Precisely what trailer hitch ought to I buy?