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“My ( New to me ) 2005 Burgman 400.

I will be 72 this November, the good Lord willing. I’m loving the ride.

Bill R



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10 Responses to “Bill Sends in a Photo of the Burgman his 71 Year Old Butt Rides On”

  1. Good Job Bill,

    Gotta’ get a picture on here.

    Old man here is 74 and just got a 2008 Burgman 400. Currently building a rack to carry it on the back of the motor home.

  2. Another 70 year old guy here riding my 650 Exec. Will turn 71 in Dec. Getting ready to drift on back to Florida for the winter.

  3. 73 tomarrow. Still love to ride. At present I have a 2007 Burgman 650 exe. It will be custom paited next month so looking forward to the new look. I love to ride AS THE 10,000 MILES PROVE IT. Rockledge, Viera Florida
    Don V

  4. Way to go guy’s. Thanxs for sharing..

  5. Some oldl timers here! I am 84 now and still ridimg my 06 650 Burgie.If you get up by Glacier Park give me a jingle as I am only 35 miles from the west entrance.Keep the rubber side down and wear all your gear all the time. PTL CAB

  6. I am a 72 years young rider. I dropped my 2002 Goldwing in June and found I was no longer strong enough to pick it up. So, sold it in July and bought a 650 Burgie. It has opened up a new world fo me.
    Art F in Round Rock, TX

    FIRST BIKE @ 69

  8. Very Good Bill and the rest of you wrimklies, but you haven’t reached me yet.I will be 88 in Januaqry 2010, with God’s permission.I ride my Burgman 200 daily.having sold my 600 Yamaha Dragstar recently.

  9. Just picked up my first bike ever: I’m 68 and bought a 09′ 650 exec. Still getting used to riding. Took the MSF course and that helped a lot.

    The weight of the 650 is a bit daunting for a new rider, but I’m (slowly) learning to handle it.
    Oh yes! That center stand takes a bit of finesse. Which I haven’t yet got.

  10. Geee!!!! I’m a child at 60. Love my bike!!! When my son says I’m too old to start riding, I’ll show him y’alls post.