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“This is my Burgman 650 Executive, it is special to me as this is my first bike ever, I use it to drive to and from work 78 km round trip. I’m about to turn 65 and I’m have the time of my life with my new wheels. To everyone drive safe and have fun.”


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5 Responses to “Bill R Sends in a Pic of His Fine Ride”

  1. Hey there Bill R, I love your new bike. Especially the decal “HALFABUSA”. Pretty sweet. I know how you feel about your bike. A couple months ago I bought my first bike ever too. It’s a 2009 Burgman Executive. Mine is pearl white though. I Love It, Love It, Love It!!! I ride it to work and back daily which is an 80 mile round trip. I’ve rode it on quite a few weekend rides with friends, or by myself. I’ve done quite a bit of work on it since I bought it though. Just went over 3000 miles tonight on my way home from work. Feel free to drop me a line at my e-mail address if you like. Might be able to give yo some ideas.

  2. Nice picture! Executive looks sweet!

  3. Hey Bill,
    This my first post to the forum.
    NICE Exec. ! I too like the halfabusa decal. heh,heh

    I just bought a 2003 AN650 off a friend with 2700 miles. In great condition.
    I also have a 2006 Harley Davidson Hearitage Classic with a Screamin Eagle engine upgrade. The Burg is more sporty and more thrifty.

    This Suzuki is my 34th motorcycle that I have owned, and it’s a keeper ! It now has 2900 miles and many smiles ;^)
    I just completed the oil and filter change yesterday (abit early), to learn how she’s put together. The many fasteners and cowlings remind me of my 2006 Yamaha R-1 sweet engineering but, labor intensive for sure.

    Hey Bill continued good-luck with the exec. !

  4. I sold my harley 05 delux and 07 Vrod. Perfer to ride the 07 – 650 exe . Getting a custom paint job next month.
    Don V.

  5. Hey, Bill:

    Congrats on #65! I wish you many more. Keep riding and keep smiling. Both will keep you young. I’m 62, but have already told myself that even if the parts stop working, that will never mean I’m old.

    Ride safe, and enjoy life.