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“Vince Cawthron, age 87, with his new Burgman 200cc.

I have been riding since 1939, and my last bike a Yamaha Dragstar 650 was getting a little heavy to haul around, so I have got this scooter as a replacement. I ride most days.”

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19 Responses to “87 Year Old Vince Sends in UK Bergie Photo”

  1. Looking good mate! Very sharp.

  2. Good for him!

    Must be great to be still riding at 87. Hope to experience it myself, I’ll wait (for over 30 years from now) and see………

    Vince: hang on to riding as long as it’s responsible, it will keep you young 😉

  3. Vince , That is great you are still riding. Hopefully I can still be in 27 years. I’m 60 and have ridden for 44 years. I have an 05 650 Burgman. I just bought it last month and now I know what I’ve been missing it is the most awsome bike I have ever ridden. Hope you can ride for another 87 years, be safe, Clay

  4. Vince: Your an inspiration to all of us Burgman riders. Thanks for sharing be safe. Nebraska

  5. Hello Vince looking good on your Burgman Scooter. This my 53 rd year of riding, motorcycles, trikes and my new 2008 K8 400 Burgman. Hope to be able to ride in to my Eightly’s an beyond.

    New Vienna, Ohio USA

  6. Vince, this is the best thing I’ve seen in a loooong time! Thanks for the inspiration to keep riding. You look great!


  7. Vince,
    You made my day, I’m 67, looking forward to 20 more years.



  8. Dear Vince,
    Great! I am 70 now and changed my Honda Magna for a Burgman 400.
    Just as you I find him easier to handle. I live in the South of the Netherlands near Maastricht. We have the belgium Ardennes and the german Eifel ending in our area. It is a wonderfull area with a lot of wonderfull hills and quit roads.
    Specially in the morning around 6 ot later in the evening I enjoy the rides..
    Wish you many happy and safety miles!!

  9. Thanks Harrie, and the rest who commented. Do you think I must be the oldest Burgman owner, rider?


  11. Dear Vince,

    Nice one, I am thinking of buying one myself can you advise a riders opinion before I buy, miles per gallon, servising any advise etc. I’m an old biker myself as I have been riding some 50 years present bike is1200 Suzuki Bandit it’s got to go now for something a bit slower like me.

    Nice photo and keep safe

    All the best

  12. Ray, thanks for your reply, I haven’t checked the mpg on the 200cc,but it wii be a lot further than your bandit that’s for sure.
    You will find that the burgman is very nippy and excellent acceleration.
    I am 88 years old now and I enjoy riding immensely.
    cheers, Vince.

  13. I am now 88, 89 in Jan 2011, God willing. I have now got a Burgman 400 AN.
    It has ABS braking, so I am hoping to be much safer braking.

  14. [10:28:36] Brian: Hello Vince, and congrats for the end of the month when you will reach 89, good for you, I like the new Bike, 70 MPG, and up to 90 MPH, wow, I presume its the automatic version, Some people have reported a clutch problem but it may well be bad driving, Whatever have fun on it. Kind regards. brian

  15. Hello, Brian, thanks for your message. The Burgman is automatic, so no clutch is involved. I ride most days, though not lately due to lots of snow. I like the scooter a lot after a lifetime on motor cycles but now I go for the easy way.
    Cheers from Sleaford

  16. Latest photo of the new Borgman 400AN..


  17. In 4 days time Vince will be ” 89 ”
    I am sure we all offewr our congratulations.

    Keep the wheels turning Vince.

    all good wishes. Brian

  18. I am having trouble submitting a photo of the Burgman 400.

    The location on my PC is CIMG0145 but it always fails?

    Vince C

  19. The missing photo is BurgmanAN400 013.jpg