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Marvin Perry sent in this photo with him on guess what, yet another red Burgman. We’ve got a real streak going here with red Burgman photos. I’m going to ask Marvin to give us more information about the apron. It looks like a great idea in cold weather.

“It’s starting to actually be possible for me to conceive of an imminent road trip on a bike, now that the weather is warmer here; so I’m riding more. Attached is a picture my wife took with me on my scooter with a new Tucano Urbano lap apron (They surely made them for Vespas first.); it’s wind and waterproof, and feels cozy for riding when it’s cool outside. The Europeans are a lot more serious about their 2 wheelers as transportation, so I bought it through a dealer in the UK_ could not find a US dealer. Shipping via FedEx was a bit steep, but they got it here pretty fast. It does have straps to tie it forward in warmer weather.”


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8 Responses to “Burgman With an Apron – Cool, or Should I Say, Warm?”

  1. Looks great,sure could use here in Canada. Could you please let me know where you are able to get one ? Thanks.

  2. Was it easy to install? Was it hard to put your feet down

  3. Hi Marvin,

    Dont keep us guessing out here. How much was the apron befor fed-X?


    PS.. I found that using Nu-Finish polish on my 07 650 Exec really brings out the metalic paint. (metalic candy apple red) If your not using it, buy some and try it for your self. After buffing with a cloth, I then buff a second time with my power buffer. You have to see it to beleive it. I have not found a better polish at any price that can enhance this color.. By the way, I took 1st place in a local show-n-shine compitition last August with 76 bikes..

  4. It cost 92.76 British Pounds ($134.57 US) by today’s exchange rate.

  5. Hows it do at freeway speeds? It looks like it might be pretty comfy. I think I could have used such comfort in January and February. Instead, I zipped the liner back into the riding jacket, put on riding pants(the armor keeps the knees warm), and opted for the big gloves. My other accomodation to the cold weather was a scarf around the neck, and a Shoei chin apron for the Multitec flip up hemet. Cold didn’t keep me from riding the 23 miles to work, though high winds and rain caused me to drive the fuel hog a few days.

  6. If it gets too cold, I plug in my heated gerbing gloves and put on my new heated jacket liner. The liner puts out 100 watts, which works out to an astonishing 135 degrees of heat. The gloves plug into the liner and I have the liner plugged into a thermal heat controller. I think I have it set at around 80 degrees at this time.

    The coldest temp I’ve ridden in was 25 degrees with rain. Needless to say, I was toasty.. Anyway, we all install, or wear whatever it takes to keep warm..
    Have a great ride..

    Terry B.

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  8. Betsey ruined a great post about a Leg Cover (Apron). If I could delete her post I would. The site is very hard to navigate and find things that have been posted some time ago.

    The last good reply to this post was made in March of 2009. That should tell you something.