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Rob Seamon sent in a photo of his new Burgman. By the way Rob, Nice Aerostitch suit. Rob said:

“My new red 2008 Burgman 400. Got it Thursday and have 105 miles on it now. I can’t wait til the break in period is over…”


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4 Responses to “Rob and His New Baby. It’s a Burgman!”

  1. Luv the scooter, but that awful suit has just gotta go by, by.

  2. If you don’t like his suit, you won’t like mine either. See pic.

  3. Hey Steve,

    Guess what, …..your wrong. Your suit isn’t as bad as the other one. In fact, I have a scooter buddy in CA. that rides a Blue Burgman 400 and wears a bright yellow helmet. We call him the mad bumble bee.

    As far as riding in rain and wind, I prefer to wear my heated jacket liner under my riding jacket. The liner heats up to 134 degree’s so I use a thermal heat controller to keep from looking like a broiled lobster. The colder the outside temp, the better I like it. Plus…. I don’t have to wear something bulky..

  4. I have heard that the only bike colors available in the future will be black and white. For those of us who want to upgrade to a newer ride, is there any hope Suzuki will start painting red, blue and yellow again? Do we need to start an uprising?