Parking officials in Hartford, Conn., have defended a ban on scooters and motorcycles in city garages after environmentally-conscious commuters complained.

Sonny Parlin said he was surprised to discover the red scooter he purchased to save gas and reduce carbon emissions was not allowed in the parking garage at the end of his commute to Hartford, the Hartford Courant reported Thursday.

Parlin said the Hartford Parking Authority told him his scooter was a danger to himself and other garage patrons.

“I was furious,” Parlin said. “I feel I’m doing my part for the environment and what do I get in return? I feel like I was shut down. They don’t have a place for me to park my vehicle.”

City parking Director Jim Kopency said scooters and motorcycles are not allowed at any of the four city-run parking garages for numerous reasons. He said motorized bikes are smaller than automobiles and harder to see. He said the smaller vehicles often move too fast for drivers to react.

Kopency said scooters can also be dangerous in the garages because they lack the mass of automobiles, so the motion sensors that control the entrance and exit gates can’t detect them and could injure a scooter driver by closing too quickly.

Source: UPI

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5 Responses to “Hartford, CT Bans Burgman’s in City Parking Garages”

  1. What a bunch of crap.

  2. Who in their right mind would want to live in Hartford anyway

  3. idiots

  4. Just shows how much our city officials are corrupted with authority.
    I thought we were all supposed to be doing our part to save the enviroment !
    What am I saying, this is Connecticut the “tax- solution” state.
    Those who have smartened up already left this state !

  5. This is the typical load of crap you get here in the New England states – It’s not just Hartford. People talk about conserving energy, and alternate energy – as long as its not in view of their yard, or doesn’t inconvenience them in any way – shape or form.

    I am a Burgman (650) rider – it is the PERFECT commuter bike, and I travel 40 miles each way to work. Fortunately, I work for a college that not only allows parking for motorcycles – they offer designated parking for them. (as they should).

    The argument about bikes not having enough weight to trip a sensor is stupid. It either trips the sensor or doesn’t. The duration of time the barrier is up has nothing to do with the weight of the vehicle passing through it. As for bikes being to fast, or people not being able to see them – again, stupid. Open your eyes, drive responsibly and drive your cars instead of aiming them, and there would be less problems.