The one thing there is no sticker for on the Burgman or a warning in the owner’s manual is that riding the Burgman can be addictive. Now normally an addiction can be a bad thing but I think that the Burgman addiction is probably one of best addictions to have.

The Burgman might be labeled as a scooter or a step-through motorcycle but the one intangible thing about the Burgman is that it is really a sports bike, a scooter, a motorcycle, a cruiser and a touring bike all rolled into one. And that’s a good thing.

Suzuki Burgam Stress Free RideFor me, I have a daily twisty ride that takes me from my house, out and back in 11 minutes. In those 11 minutes the entire stress or weight from any given day can completely melt away. I was thinking about why that happens and undoubtably it is a combination of several important and unique factors.

One is the automatic transmission on the Burgman. It is so effortless to ride with the twist and go anywhere design that I don’t need to worry about the mechanics at all. If I want some speed, I just push the power button. If I need to brake hard, I don’t even have to think about downshifting and braking, the ABS brakes give me loads of comfort and security all by themselves.

In fact, as opposed to my old BMW motorcycle I would have to say that while shifting is an ‘automatic’ mental thing, in an emergency situation I think I feel safer on the Burgman not having to perform the ‘down and in’ maneuver in a sudden stop. If I need to make a sudden stop on the Burgman all I have to worry about is pointing myself in the right direction.

But I’m getting away from why riding the Burgman is better than Prozac. In my little 11 minute jaunt I get a great combination of back road twisty curves, up hill and down, some 45 MPH sweeping curves and one heck of a 90 degree 20 MPH curve. That one curve is a great lean perfecting corner. There is probably no need to tell you what I can take that corner at on the Burgman.

Who knows what it is that makes us want to ride. We come from all walks of life, some are born to ride, others just learning. Regardless of what brings us to ride the Burgman, one thing is certain, it is packed with fun and makes for a great brotherhood and sisterhood of friends and fellow Burgman riders.

If you are reading this right now and you are contemplating riding a Burgman, all I can say is do it. Don’t delay, don’t second guess yourself, just get on one if you can. My local dealer still can’t keep them in stock. Every time they get one in, out it goes.

With the Burgman, not only will you get where you want to go in a safe and effortless way, but you’ll save a load on therapy. After a couple weeks of riding you’ll no longer care if your mother didn’t hug you enough, your Burgman will every time you ride.

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