I’m sorry to report that as of this time the idea of matching experienced scooter riders with new riders to help them become safer riders, is dead.

I really can’t find anyway past the liability issue that surrounds being a good scootermaritan. It seems that if you appear to represent a mentor or teacher to another person that you can be well and good sued for any advice you give. That is not a situation I would want any of us to be in.

While there is a solution, it appears to be unrealistic. The solution is that scooter riders that want to mentor others would have to go through motorcycle instructor training and then they could get liability coverage.

However it is unrealistic to think that scooter riders all across the country would want to take on the time and expense of being formally trained in order to give away their time for free.

I still believe in the idea but I think the closest we can get to assisting the new scooter and Burgman community is to create a register of people that are available to go for rides with others without any expectation of mentoring or instruction.

I’m working on creating that public register and I’ll announce more about that when I can.

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