I wanted to fill you in on the idea that I raised here about mentoring a new scooter rider. Thanks to some encouragement from some of you I contacted a number of states about the idea. The response was fantastic. The concerns were all similar, about liability.

In fact one state wants a list of mentors that would be willing to mentor a new scooter rider and they would distribute that information to all new scooter registrants. Other state representatives are very helpful with advice and feedback. The idea definitely has legs.

In order to pursue this idea further I launched ScooterMentors.org this morning. I want to try to make the mentoring idea as inclusive as possible for all scooter riders and so I wanted to move it off the Burgman focused site.

You know how much I value your opinions and feedback so I don’t want you to be a stranger in offering help and suggestions about how we might be able to be a friend and mentor to new scooter riders to help them avoid trouble on the roads during their early days.

The idea is simple, just go for a ride with new scooter rider and show them how an experienced rider, rides.


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2 Responses to “Burgman Scooter Mentor Idea”

  1. A good start. Re. the earlier concern about liability, surely this mode of giving advice is simply what a good friend or neigbor would be allowed to offer, without fear of litigation?

    Maybe set up a printable “menu” sheet of activities to be covered, that could be accessed by dealers or new riders themselves? (Dealers could hold a list of local volunteers.) Schemes like these that start locally can soon spread if they have any value in promoting comfort and safety, and here in the UK could be allied to the national police “Bike Right” campaign.

  2. I just bought (09/20/08 ) a 2007 Burgman 400 with only 800 miles on it.
    there were no manuals.
    I would jump at the chance to have a mentor.
    I am a VERY married 47 year-old male
    in Cocoa FL