I never thought I’d ever write this article. After all I am a pilot and love to fly. I even spend a lot of time working with aviation history, gun camera films and historic aviation material. But I have to admit, riding my scooter is more fun these days than flying.

Checking the Gas on the Cessna Preflight Check

Checking the Gas on the Cessna Preflight Check

On the weekends you’ll find a lot of private pilot’s out at the field, preflighting their Cessna or Piper to fly the pattern (around the field) or heading off for what we used to call the $50 hamburger.

Not that many years ago, after you totaled up all the cost of flying the plane on a Saturday up to some local airport, that hamburger did end up costing about $50, but today, the sky is the limit.

With 100LL AvGas at $6.70 a gallon at my old airport and the cost to rent a small aircraft up over $100 an hour now, that $50 hamburger is now up around $200.

What I did enjoy about flying was the ability to see the countryside in a new way, the feeling of being free and being able to get easily from point A to point B. But by the time you added up the time to fly 90 miles up for that little trip and burger, you had burned up hours of getting the plane ready and tucking it back in when you were done.

Flying on a Suzuki Burgman 650

Flying on a Suzuki Burgman 650

But my Burgman 650 Executive gives me a lot of the same feelings, without worrying about TSA airspace, restricted areas, tower controllers and radar vectors.

In fact, with the Burgman I can go 180 miles on $14 of gas and for less than $20 I can have a full day of fun, including the burger. My Burgman 650 Executive costs me 1/10th of the cost of going for that weekend hamburger but gives me 10 times the fun.

Long sweeping back roads can leave you with that flying feeling. The scooter gets you from here to there and along the way you get to see, up close, new things, new areas, and new sights. When I was flying I saw things from 1,000 feet up. On my scooter I see things from 10 feet away.

Both flying and riding a scooter carry risks and so with either endeavor there is an inherent element of danger but at least with the scooter I can pull over, you can’t in a plane. With the scooter I can stop just about any place I want, you can’t in a plane. With the scooter I get 50 mpg, LOL, not in a plane!

I’ll always love flying and aviation but for me, these days, riding the Burgman scooter is just a whole lot of more fun, cheaper and still gives me that ear to ear grin.

Preflight Photo Credit: jacqueline-w’s

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One Response to “Riding the Scooter is Better Than Flying Your Own Plane”

  1. I too am a pilot and a Burgman rider. I concur completely w the writer.
    I have not had this much fun on the ground since…
    The rising cost of gas and maintenance, only increases the enjoyment.