Dave Netherton, also known online as the Smyrna Cowboy, is an avid and enthusiastic rider of his Burgman 650 and more importantly he is a creator of many Burgman videos and Burgman riding videos.

Recently I asked Dave if he would be willing to write a regular column for BurgmanRiders.com and share his experiences and videos with all of us. Thankfully he agreed.

Below you will find Dave’s first contribution.

P.S. Not Dave sporting the BurgmanRiders.com t-shirt in his picture above. You can get yours here.

Dave Netherton - The Smyrna Cowboy

On a beautiful summer’s day, my brother and I decided to go for a little ride and stop off at a “Biker Bar” to grab some lunch in honor of my up coming birthday. ( Of course he bought )

He had a few reservations being seen with “A Scooter” but for the love of family, we went. Before our lunch, we needed to stop at a local Honda dealership for him to get some info for a co-worker that was looking for a particular type of bike.

He lives by a popular lake here in Smyrna with nice twisty roads and beautiful scenery which made the ride all the better. We stop at a stop sign and he ask’s me ” How far to you lean to make those curves? I’d be afraid I’d scrape my bike if I did that.” I told him ” I really didn’t lean that much, I had to slow it down so I wouldn’t go up your tailpipe!”

He just grinned and laughed and went on. Of course I was grinning all the way. Just on down the road, we get on the main highway and have to stop at a light so we slow down to try to time it. He is fighting the handlebars to keep it steady before we stop and I pull beside him straight up and steady. We come to a complete stop and for a full two second before I put my feet down, I’m upright and balanced. He shakes his head in disbelief. Pull the visor up and I ask him “What?” Then the light turns green and were off again.

As we take off I notice his arms vibrating from that big Harley engine. For me personally, I think that would tire me out trying to hold the bike up with that vibration. If that is what he likes, more power to him. I like the smooth ride of my Burgman thank you very much.

We get to the dealership and dismount. I take my gear off and he goes on in. Two customers, on the way in, stop and ask me about my Burgman. I always have cards and flyers in my glove box to tell them about ALF. ( The Name of my scoot) and give them some. A good thing to have available. You get so many questions when you stop. Even at traffic lights for that matter.

We do our business and leave there. I do a little video blogging when we ride off.

After we leave, bellies full and good fellowship, my brother asking all sorts of questions about the Burgman, we leave. Going back to the house I had to show off a little bit. We come to a traffic light, I shoot in the left lane. He races his motor to challenge me to a short little race. I flip the visor up and grin and said,” So you want a piece of me huh?” he replies, ” Not a piece bro, the WHOLE thing!”

As this conversation took place, I take my left thumb and hit the POWER button. We both look at the light, waiting to turn green. It did then I was GONE! All I could see in my rear view was his headlight about 40 yards away. I get in the right lane and slow down to wait for him. Shaking his head. I know in my mind he is embarrassed being beaten by “A Scooter”

We part ways, toot our horns and head home. That night he calls the house and has to tell me his option of my Burgman. ” Bro, I just can’t believe how quick and fast your bike is. How it took those curves and the balance. If I ever get rid of my bike, that will be the next one on my list.” From a hard core Harley rider, that alone was priceless.

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15 Responses to “Burgman Riding With a Harley”

  1. I normally don’t respond to blogs and such but I couldn’t resist. I’ve had my Burgman 650 about two months now after having gotten tired of the whole “motorcycle” deal about eight years ago. For thirty years I owned everything from Bridgestones to Harleys (back in the AMF days no less), BMWs and a bunch of stuff in between. Then I discoverd the Burgman. I’m still shaking my head. I have never seen such a piece of engineering in my life for something that was barely even on the “radar” in the two wheel world. Everything in your post is spot on. Back in the day anyhting around 650cc would be about 350 or so pounds. I could not imagine a 650 moving over 500 lbs but man what a surprise. Ya gotta love that power button! This scooter thing has given me new lease on the two-wheel life. Just as you say in your blog everywhere you go someone walks up to you and wants to know what the heck you are riding. Happy motoring.

  2. Great job on the article Dave! Scooters are a hot item these days, and the Burgman fits in a class of it’s own in the ever growing and demanding scooter market. Pulling out into traffic with confidence that what you’ve got behind the throttle will get with the flow in a jiffy is a HUGE plus side to the Burgman as compared to the smaller scoots. I see most scooters as simple urban transportation, but the Burgman disguises itself as a Interstate tourer with all of the storage capacity and accessory options that are available.

    I have been impressed with your bike choice (notice for you brother: I didn’t say scooter). Have fun with it.


  3. Hi Dave,

    I have been riding for a little over 48 years now, and also have a 2005 Harley Road King I bought new. I have also always had a smaller bike and or scooter for around town driving. At the 1st part of 2008 I traded in my Honda Helix for a new Burgman 400 and loved from day one. But I did miss to power on the open road, sooooo, a few months later I traded in the 400 Burgman for a new 2007 Burgman 650 Ext. All I could say the 1st time I road it, was WOW!
    This time of year here in the Phoenix area the temps are around 105 to 115 so I do most of my riding at night, and so far the Harley has been kept silent in my storage building. I ride it once in a while, but for everyday riding I do prefer riding the Burgman…Please don’t tell anyone I said that…..Ha
    I would like to know what type of camera equipment you use on your helmet to do you clips???? I would enjoy getting a camera like that.

    All my riding buddies use to make fun of my Burgman until I let them ride it, now they don’t. I will ride most anything on two wheels and have over the years, but I can say the Burgman is by far the best Motorcycle/Scooter I have ever had!!!!


    Old Dog
    aka Bob
    Phoenix, AZ
    2007 650 Burgman Ext Red
    2005 Harley Road King

  4. Bob,
    Thanks for taking the time and reading my article. In answer to your question,

    “I would like to know what type of camera equipment you use on your helmet to do you clips???? I would enjoy getting a camera like that.”

    Here is a video clip I put on You Tube that shows the set up.


    You may be able to find a used Kodak V570 on eBay.

    Hope this helps you. Good luck and ride safe.

  5. Hello Dave-

    I enjoyed your ride video to breakfast and noticed some snazzy mirrors on your burgman; can you tell me where you purchase them?

    Erik Marks

  6. Sure Erik. More than happy to.

    I got them at Camping world.com Here is the URL


    You may be able to find them cheaper if you do a search.

    Hercules Auxiliary mirriors.

    Thanks for watching.

    Daves last blog post..3 Tag

  7. Hi Dave,
    Just enjoyed your post on the Burgman 650 cc,for a maxi scooter -all can say is it’s great!!
    In the Great Britain where i live there are many Burgman’s about,but mostly 400’s.

    I myself been riding for about 40 years or so,then progressed onto scooters in March 2004,with a Honda Dylan 125cc,next a Malaguti Phantom 125cc,then in April 2008,i went for a Hyosung MS3 125cc also very good all round(it’s made in South Korea.But looking for a little more overall pulling power etc i changed to a Hyosung MS3 250cc,my present two wheel transport.(I do not have a car.)

  8. Richard,
    Glad you enjoyed the post. It was a very fun day. ( Warmer too!) Thanks.

  9. Dave… Enjoyed your artical and video very much… Thank you! By buying my 650 Exec 2 weeks gao, I seem to have joined a whole bunch of kindred spirits! My current “big” ride is a GL1800, which I just had “triked” (CSC) because my old “Piper Cub” landing-gear just wasn’t up to landing it anymore, but now I can’t carve canyons with it anymore… Bummer! Hence the Burgie! I can’t believe this bike… manners like a scooter, but with the heart and soul of a sport-tourer! And this is the first bike in many years (50+ years in the saddle) that actually calls to me from the garage and says “Hey, let’s go for a ride!” Cheers… Gordon P. S. I like your trunk and windshield… can you tell me where they came from?

  10. Thanks for the kind words Gordon. Ain’t our Burgman’s great! =)

    I wrote a couple of articles on the mods I’ve done to ALF that should answer your questions.

    The mods and there URL’s


    The newest Top Box I added


    Hope it helps you buddy.

    Ride Safe

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