I have to admit that I’m not necessarily a huge fan of extended warranty or extended protection plans. But, there have been times that I had them and got a new engine in my car for free so they have paid off.

By their very nature, Suzuki Extended Protection (SEP) and other extended warranty plans are designed to cost more than the average claim. This difference between actual average cost and actual average charge for the SEP is called profit.

For some the ability to self-insure and play the odds pay off much better in the long run if they could afford a big repair bill if something major went, but the odds are that it won’t.

For others that might not have the resources to reach into their pocket and pull out a load of cash for a major and unexpected repair, then the SEP can bring you peace of mind.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to these things, just personal preference.

Below you will find images the latest Suzuki mailing about the extended protection plan and how you can get more information or buy it.

Approximate cost of the Suzuki SEP

Burgman 650 Executive – $484
Burgman 650 – $484
Burgman 400 – $436

Click on each image to enlarge them.

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