I stumbled across this modified Suzuki Burgman and thought you had t see it.

“Ian Pegram’s Genesis is based on a Suzuki Burgman AN650 but the body is Carbon Fibre, the screen and seat belts come from a BMW C1 and the seat’s from a Honda car. For more pix of the evolution of this 4 year project see the Genesis folder in ‘One Offs’. It combines the best of the Quasar and the C1 with the drawbacks of neither. PNB”

Prototype Burgman Scooter

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9 Responses to “A Most Interesting Suzuki Burgman 650”

  1. uuuuggggly!!!!

  2. you want to know what a real criminal is ????? take a look at this burgman only a real criminal would do this to a fine pice of machinery

  3. The only thing that comes to mind is…WHY?

  4. Why not?

  5. This obviously is well thought out and if it suits the owner I say good. But, not for me!!!!–lg

  6. Where dose the passenger sit?

  7. Looks to me like someone elses rainy season forgot to end and they compromised

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  9. In my opinion, the tile for this crime should be:
    How to ruin a bike
    or perhaps….
    Castrating a rider

    Hope he enjoys riding.

    The father of my children….