Here is a great resource for figuring out what your state motorcycle laws are. Provided by the American Motorcyclist Association. The information is for both on-road and off-road motorcycles and includes information on: Safety Helmet, State Funded Rider Ed, Eye Protection, Daytime Use of Headlight, Passenger Seat, Passenger Footrest, Passenger Age Restriction, Helmet Speakers, Periodic Safety Inspection, Mirror Left(L) Right(R), Radar Detector, Turn Signals, Muffler, Maximum Sound Level, State Insurance Requirements, Handlebar Height, Rider-Education Waiver, Accept Motorcycle Endorsement From Other States, Accept RiderEd Completion Card From Other States, Motorcycles operating two abreast in same lane, and Lane Splitting.

State Motorcycle Laws

Taking a trip? Unsure about the laws in your home state?
Search our database of on and off-road motorcycle laws.

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