Not sure if anyone else has run into this problem but for some reason if I don’t ridge the Burgman for two days the battery is dead. It must be a slow drain someplace. The first time it died I think it was my fault since I had not closed the seat all the way and the light remained on.

After that I discovered that there is a switch on the underside of the seat that you can use to switch off the under seat light when the seat is open or not fully closed. And I must admit with all the stuff I store in there when I ride and all the times I’m in and out of that massive storage area, I probably have not latched the seat closed every time.

I thought I had the situation resolved after that. For over a week I had not a single problem with the battery draining and the scooter started strong every time.

After the initial dead battery I went out and purchased a battery charger so now it is a cinch to bring the battery back to life but I’m going to have to take the scooter in to the dealer and get them to look and see if their might be a wiring problem that is leading to the discharge of the batter when the scooter is off.

I really don’t look at this as a problem, but just a minor issue that can be fixed, and it will be.

What I did learn after talking to a Suzuki repair shop was that sometimes dealers are in such a hurry to deliver bikes that they don’t always fully charge the battery the first time, and if that is the case the battery may not hold a full charge latter.

I don’t think that is the issue in my case but it is an interesting fact to remember.


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25 Responses to “The Dying Battery on the 2008 Burgman 650 Executive”

  1. I had the same poblem and solved the problem with a new battery. My battery would charge but would not stay up

  2. Don,

    Thanks for responding. Turns out it was a bad cell in the original battery. I replaced it with a new battery and the problem was solved.



  4. Saturday nite, 4-25-09, I think I left my key on and drained the battery Dead. Could not even jump or fast charge the battery. Went to Sears, they charged it for 45 min. and advised it was shot. Possibly the original 2007. Bought Sears Gold series. $81.00 later Up and off running. I can’t tell you or anyone else how much I love my Bergman 650. What a Great Machine. I bought it with hopes of moving up to a Harley…..Never happen, maybe future Bergman 1000

  5. HOW DID YOU GET THE BATTERY OUT???? It has a cover and then the seat is in the way. Do you need to remove the seat? If so – how? My owners manual is not helping me.

    Thank you very much!

  6. I am a new owner of a slightly used 2004 Burgman 400. First week, and love it so far (keeping the miles off my HD). The previous owner did not find the owners manual for me, so I’ve been learning on the go. I realized I could lock the front wheel with a push and turn of the key to the left – nice feature. But I came out after work (and after dark) and found I had a dead battery. Since I didn’t know if the battery had ever been replaced I bought a new one. Today I came out after work and realized the rear lights were on! Luckily, the new battery still cranked it. Looking closer at the key, I see there is a second notch to the left (after the wheel lock position) that will turn on the rear lights (like parking lights) and let you still remove the key. Thinking back, I’ll bet that’s what I did with the old battery, and inadvertantly ran it all the way dead. Just a word of caution to any other new owners! Love this bike.

  7. The original battery is rated for 12 Amp Hours this means you should always trickle chare with a battery tender. This rating is low the bike comes with a cheap battery that retail for 160.00 Dollars. The sears battery is rated at 18 amp hour cost about 89.00 dollars. Theirs 12 v 135 amp hour battery that cost 400.00 so you’re going to realize that the problem is the quality of the battery, solution get the best rated battery you can afford and always use a battery tender with trickle charge.

  8. Could be all above and my answer is the light switch, it has two on positions and one off positions. Look at light and find the on and off switch, to left is on, back to center off and to right is on, back to center off. It will stay on till you turn it off.

  9. Good advice from all above, but no one has told us how to get the battery out, and do you have to take the seat off before you can ? or does it require you to hang from the garage roof upside down like a bat !!

  10. If you remove a cotter-pin from the upper gas-strut pivot; you can swing the seat up a bit higher. After the pin is out, just push the end of the strut to the right.

  11. If you park your bike and leave the turn signal on and lock the bike, it leaves the side turn signal lights on in case you have to leave bike on the side of the road as a safety issue. I have done this twice and came back to a drained battery. I think I have finally learned. Make sure your turn signals are of when you lock you bike for an extended period.

  12. does anyone know the specifics of what to order at sears? Does sears Canada have the battery? thanks to all.

  13. I have an ’05 Burgman 650, and have installed a ‘pigtail’ on the battery, which hangs outside the seat. When I park the bike, I simply plug in the Battery Tender, which is a multi-level charger, which charges up the battery to its full capacity, and then keeps it there. Not only does this ensure the battery is always ready to go, but the battery lasts much longer, since it’s kept fully charged most of the time. I’ve still got the original battery the bike came with, and it’s 5 yrs old.
    [email protected]

  14. I have a 2009 Burgman 650 with about 7,000 miles on it……Something in the charging system went out and the battery ran down …..I was told the battery needed replacing so I did that…..New battery ran down within a 100 miles….When the battery runs down the bike quits shifting and soon dies…..Has anyone had this problem and if so please post how you resolved it and what did it cost to do so….I would appreciate your reply as the summer is passing fast and I want to get back on the bike…..My wife has one also and we love them…..We have taken them to the Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee many times…..I would like to get a heads up on the info before I take it in to a dealer…..Thanks……Rick

  15. Hi I have a AN650 EXEC, 9 months old 3900 miles, and recently broke down on M3 motorway, the bike just died at 75 miles per hour, stranded on the hard shoulder for 2 hours waiting for Suzuki assist to come, bike was taken to the shop, and a faulty rectifier/regulator was diagnosed this caused the battery to be destroyed, both replaced under warranty.
    hope this helps with your problem

  16. Big Thanks Dave…..

    That is Exactly the info I needed……Kind of thought that was the problem….Now to pay for it as the bike is just out of warranty!…..Bummer…..But I Still love the bike…..Rick

  17. Hi can you plug a battery charger straight into the 12 volt outlet?

  18. What’s the voltage of the charger?
    It should not be more than 10% of the capacity of the battery.
    [email protected]

  19. How do I remove the battery door on a 400 Burgman

  20. i have removed the phillips screw but the door is not cooperating.

  21. Sorry to hear all the stories about the battery problems. Just to add my 2cents, my 2007 650’s battery went after 2 yrs of service, replaced it, and never had a problem since. maybe because i drive it daily that it keeps the charge up and constent. Hope this is informative.

  22. At 58 I am bringing up the Rear here in alabama ,I have a 09 Burgman 400 with about 2k miles on it , But it is in the Shop being repair on a Recall going on 3 weeks now. Traded my HD for the Burgman, only time will tell. Eary to Bed Eary to Ride.

  23. To cmorgan:
    Do you think maybe the 3 position switch is like the one on my car? Position 1: always on, position 2: always off, position 3: goes on when you lift the seat?

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