Burgman riders are a friendly and welcoming bunch of people. Recently I caught up with Chad Grosklags of the H.O.G.S.S website and had a chance to ask him a few questions.

My favorite quote from the interview, “Burgman’s are not for people who want to look cool, they are for cool people.

Heart of Georgia Super Scooters

Q1: So Chad, what’s the story behind the HOGSS (Heart of Georgia Super Scooters)? How did it come into being?

When I first got my Burgman there was a group that had started called North Georgia Scooters. I went on my first ride with the Group on January 1st 2007. I really enjoyed getting together with others that had the same passion for riding that I did.

The group would communicate on the forum at the website. Unfortunately the website and forum was shut down due to excessive spammer registrations. I realized there was a hole in the community without a way for people to communicate, and decided I would try to figure out this internet web design stuff and get the group back on track. I was fortunate to have help and encouragement from others such as Pat Roddy BurgmanUSA.

Pat lives fairly close to me and we would get together and ride. Pat had a heart attack around June or July of 2007, and was struggling with the idea of giving up two wheels. So the name was sort of inspired by his situation. I also like the acronym. HOGSS, aka Wild HOGSS. I had a friend of mine who is a professional cartoonist create the logo playing off the Harley tough guy image. So with a logo, a name and me struggling through the design, the club was born.

Q2: Do you ride a Burgman? Can you tell us a bit about it?

Burgman reflective logoI do ride a Burgman. I have a 2006 Burgman 650 Executive. It is painted the same color as the 2008 Haybusa Orange. I did this for two reasons. Initially I had Tapeworks create a Reflective Halfabusa logo for my Gray Burgman to increase visibility. I have yet to replace them.

My Burgman has a Clearview windsheild with Goldwing vent, Utopia Backrest, Zumo 550 with XM, Givi Top Box, Airhawk Seatpad, L.E.D. Blinkers installed in sideview mirrors, DJ’s Tanks Bag and Givi Soft Saddle Bags. Did I mention it has a custome Orange paint job?

Q3: When did you start ridding your Burgman 650?

I bought it used in November of 2006 from a Burgman USA member in Kentucky. With about 600 miles on it. The previous owner just got back from his first service when he found out the Goldwing he wanted was in stock.

Q4: Did you ride before you got your Burgman?

I have ridden since I was in grade school. I begged for a motorcycle even before I could read. I stopped riding for several years, until I had a customer trade me a Tank 150 for some work I was doing. It was so new it had about 50 miles on it. I was having a blast riding it, but it just was way to underpowered, and frankly very cheaply built.

I highly discourage others from buying one, although it was fun when it ran. I started my search for an upgrade. I ended up with one of the most amazing scooters ever built. There are several others I like though, and if only I had unlimited space.

Q5: How long did it take before you fell in love with your Burgman?

I will never forget my test ride in Kentucky when I bought it. I pulled out onto the highway and was up to 65 in no time. I had plenty more left on the throttle and I knew at that moment it was the one.

Q6: For people that don’t ride a Burgman yet, how would you explain what it is like?

Quick, decevingly quick. It’s a sleeper for sure. Nobody that sees one for the first time expects it to leave them at the red light.

Q7: How often do the HOGSS get together?

There are rides every month. Sometimes it’s 4 or 5 of us getting together in North or South Georgia. Last week we had about 30 of us in North Carolina riding Cades Cove, The Tail of the Dragon and the Blue Ridge Pkwy.

Q8: Are you planning any big rides in the near future?

The big ride on the horizon is on September 12th-14th. This is the 3rd Annual Mentone End of Summer Rally. [Ed: You can see highlights of last years ride below.]

Q9: What advice do you have for people that may never have ridden a scooter and are considering a Burgman?

Take the Motorcycle Safety Course! Check out Burgmanusa.com and please stop in and visit us at wildhogss.com Their is a lot of information is availbale. Figure out what it is you want the scooter to do for you. Short in-town commuting, get a 400. If you are into distance riding highway riding look at the 650. In the end make sure it’s a good fit.

Q10: Suzuki calls the Burgman a scooter in advertising but a motorcycle in the owners manual. Which do you think it is?

A cunundrum?

Q11: Have you put any aftermarket accessories on your Burggie?

Zumo 550 with XM, Clearview with Goldwing Vent, additional L.E.D. blinkers on mirrors, Utopia Backrest, Air hawk Seat Cushion, Givi Top Box, Motorcycle Larry Brake Resevior Covers with Ram Mounts, Fiamm 130db Low tone horn, Emergency Trunk Release. That’s all I can think of right now.

Q12: Can you tell us about a favorite HOGSS event or ride and what made it special for you?

I have enjoyed several so that’s tough, but if I had to say one, it was the Second Annual Mentone End of Summer Ride. I volunteered to help Scout from Burgmanusa plan the event. I was able to get several others including proddy, sealburger and six-fiddy form the HOGSS to help as well. We had a great time. Lots of prizes, great rides, excellant cabins to stay in, but really the best part was getting together with 50+ Scooter riders form around the country and talk about our passion for riding. So many people just don’t get it. I see that changing rapidly though. Gas prices have people searching for another way.

Q14: What advice do you have for someone that thinks they can’t look cool on a scooter and need a sport bike or Harley?

That’s tough. Usually I just run down the numbers and pop the seat open. I explain that I like all motorcycles for a variety of reasons, but if I was forced to have just one, and be able to ride anytime I wanted including to work or the grocery store, this is the best option I could find. If they know of something that will do all that the Burgman and other Super Scooters can do let me know. I haven’t found it.

Q15: In your experience, what are Burgman riders like?

People with a passion for life. Typically very intelligent and successful in their fields. Burgman’s are not for people who want to look cool, they are for cool people.

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16 Responses to “Burgman Interviews – Chad Grosklags – ‘HOGSS’”

  1. Very good article. I really like the quote

    “Burgman’s are not for people who want to look cool, they are for cool people.”

    I agree.

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to share a little about one of my favorite passions. Love the site.

  3. Chad, I met you about a year ago at Mellinium and you guys were going on a ride. Glad to see you got the exposure for the wildhoggs site and to expose this site to others. Keep up the good work on both sites. I am recovering from a recent wreck on a KLR 650 but hope to meet up with you guys when I am back able to ride!
    Brian dougherty AKA no1photo

  4. Chad, WOW! I am so glad that you feel that the 2nd Annual Mentone End of Summer Ride was your favorite. Thank you again for all of your help! Without you it could not have been the success that it was. I hope that everyone checks in on updates on “WILDHOGGS” and “BurgmanUSA” for the upcoming “3rd Annual Mentone End of Summer Ride” and will join us in Sept. BTW, I still lust for a Hayabusa orange scooter!

  5. I visit this site regularly and find a lot of riders with a passion for the hobby, I just finished a 3000Km cruise up and down the Australian sunshine coast on a big cruiser and longed to be on my Halfabusa which would have done it quicker and a hell of a lot more comfortable.
    I hope to do route 66 across the US next year…only if I can find a Burgman650 for hire.
    Love the site and the comments.

  6. Enjoyed the interview ,I just got my second 650. I sold my first last winter and bought a Harley bad mistake got rid of the Harley and bought a 2007 650. I will not have any other bike, love my Burgman. Is there any Burgman clubs in Indiana? I live southeast of Indianapolis. Would love to meet other Burgman owners. Keep the rubber down and be safe, Clay

  7. Thanks for this! It’s good to see that you’re using proper grammar.

  8. I’ve had my 650 for three months and have put almost 7,000 miles on it riding in the Four Corners area, where you get everything from mountain passes to deserts, and the bike is a real joy to ride. The club I am in is about 30 percent Harleys and the rest metric motorcycles and then there is me. We all have a great time together. I traded a 500 Kimko scooter (also a great ride) for the 650. I also use it for daily trips around town, and the low center of gravity and step through for mounting gives you convenience that no road bike can.

  9. Hi, I live in Middle Ga. and would love to join a Burgman club. I have a 2009 Burgman 400 and I love it. It’s not the first scooter I have owned but it is by far the best. Would love to have a group to ride with. Thanks, Larry

  10. Hi Chad, next time there is a ride down around middle Ga. would you give me a holler? Would love to ride with ya’all. Larry

  11. Can’t seem to get into the forum and submit a post on it. Help

  12. Hi. Chad. Just joined and can’t seem to be able to post. Can you help me. Tonyeye

  13. Just wanted to spread the word about the recall on the 2008 and 2009 Burgman 400’s. They gave some number’s on this site that were on the recall list I checked them and my number wasn’t on it so I kind of let it go but a few weeks later I got to thinking about it and thought I’d call the dealer just to make sure. Sure enough they told me mine was on the recall list so I am now awaiting parts which they say will be in next week. My question is, ” When were they going to notify me that there was a recall on my scooter?, I’m thinking probably never “. So just a warning to everyone, just because you don’t see your number on the list you’d better give your dealer a call. Larry

  14. whoah this blog is excellent i love reading your posts. Keep up the good work! You know, many people are hunting around for this info, you can help them greatly.

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