As always, it is a pleasure to meet and interview other Burgman groups. Here is an interview with Pep in Catalonia, Spain.

Q1: Pep, can you tell us about you and the BurgmanCat club in Catalonia Spain?

My name is Josep Maria Perez and I am 47 years old. I live in Reus, a small city of Catalonia (Spain). My experience with motorcycles is similar to the experience of other people of the same generation as me. When I was young I had several motorcycles, but when I got married and my children were born, I had to stop with this hobby.

But now, my kids are older, so my wife and me decided to come back to the motorcycle’s world. When we decided that, a lot of Scooters and Moto clubs were coming up in Spain. These clubs organize routes and events for its members by internet.

Some of the mates of these clubs decided, three years ago, to create a new group addapted to what we believe, and what we believe is that it has to be a friend’s club who share one same hobby: THE BURGMANCAT CLUB.

Burgmancat Club was bornt because of our passion for megascooters and more specifically, our passion for Burgmans!!!

In Burmancat Club’s forum you can find a lot of information about our motorcycles, and about the trips we organize in order to share sensations with other riders of Burgman, we advise to try the restaurants we suggest and we encourage to do the same routes we purpose, routes full of sight-seeing and also, tourist and cultural visits.

Q2: How often do the members of the BurgmanCat club get together and ride?

Even though we don’t meet always after the same time, we do, approximatelly, one trip every month.

The routes can be of one day, or more than one day. Maybe we go to different rallies of scooter meetings. In these routes there are several miles of fun roads, some of them with bends. Normally, we stop in order to visit cultural and tourist places and we finish with a good meal in a nice restaurant where we talk with our friends about the incidences of the rout and other isssues before coming back home.

Q3: Why did you select the Burgman to ride?

When Nuria (my wife) and I decided to buy again a new motorcycle, at first we didn’t think about a megascooter but the versatility and the comfort of a Burgman convinced us and we have never regretted this decision. We use our Burgman for our daily work, to go to small trips with our clubs or to go to long journeys.

Q4: What kind of Burgman do you ride?

Our first Burgman was a 400, but nowadays we have, since one year ago, a Burgman 650 executive.

Q5: When you ride, do other people ask you about the Burgman?

Well, some riders who have conventional motos affirm that they would never ride a Scooter, but they look surprised every time they see the power and comfort of our Burgman and they are jealous of the load we can carry with our motorcycles.

Q6: How does riding the Burgman make you feel?

One of the mates of our club assures that while four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul. No matter the motorcycle you ride, what unites all motards is the sensation of freedom that you feel every time you connect one bend with the next one with the wind on your face.

“While four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul.”

Q7: Have you ridden other scooters or motorcycles in the past? How does the Burgman compare to those?

I have had different kinds of motorcycle… Trail, Racing, Custom…. even though they are different, all of them make you feel the sensation we were talking about before, but nowadays, the comfort and the elegance of our Burgman satisfy us very much and we wouldn’t change it for any other motorcycle.

Q8: How often do you ride your Burgman?

Although the distance I need to drive to my work place is short, and usually I do it walking, sometimes I use my Burgman, simply because I like to ride it. During the weekend we usually ride our Burgman by the coast or we ride it in the roads of the mountains of the middle of our region, but when we really enjoy our Burgman is during trips and journeys we organize with our friends of Burgmancat Club.

Q9: What modifications have you done to your Burgman and what, if any, would you like to do?

Spain’s legislation is very strict approving modifications to our vehicles.

From my point of view, I like very much Burgman 650 as it leaves the factory so I wouldn’t really do a lot of modifications, but some of my mates have installed lights with more power, have customized their motorcycle painting it or upholstering its seats or sometimes they put electronic gadgets, but here is very difficult to see modifications like the ones we observe in the US’ forums and other countries.

Q10: Is the Burgman a popular bike in Spain?

Yes, Burgman 400 has been during many years the Scooter most selled in Spain.

Q11: What do you think a good Burgman club needs to offer its members?

We see our club as the perfect tool to keep in touch with other lovers of Burgman and with other motorcycles clubs in order to share information and experiences and to organize new routes too.

Q12: What make the BurgmanCat club special?

Burgmancat Club is a little bit atypical. There are no membership fees, neither a board of directors. It doesn’t have the classic club structure. We are just a group of good friends with one hobby in common.

That’s the way we like it so we don’t want to change it. But if there is something that really makes our club special they are the people who join it. During these three years we’ve found in this club great friends.

Q13: Is there anything you’d like to say to Burgman riders in the U.S.?

We just want to send you our best wishes and we hope that over there, in the US, you all enjoy your routes with the Burgman as we do here in Spain. Who knows? Maybe someday we will meet in an american or euopean freeway and we will be able to recognize in our faces the satisfaction of riding a Burgman surrounded by friends.

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5 Responses to “Burgman Interviews – Josep Perez ‘Pep’ – BurgmanCat Club, Spain”

  1. hello from pei canada i drive a 400 i like it safe biking

  2. hi jozef

    i in isrel and i amenger burgman club isral.
    we want to viset in span.
    can you help me.

    by jaki

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  5. Hi Pep,

    Amazingly we live in Salou about 6 kilometres from you in Reus we own a 125cc Burgman and have just bought a 650cc Burgman Ex and would love to join up with you guys for rides etc because of our common interest in the Burgman.
    We are British but do speak a little Spanish we have tried logging onto your forum without success how can we contact you.