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I’m off for Mentone.

There is a Burgman rally coming up in beautiful Mentone, AL that you might be interested in. I’m planning on attending to represent, making some new friends, and passing out free reflective safety stickers to all the Burgmans that …

Still on way. It started getting cold and dark so on went the yellow suit.

I road about another 13 miles and then it just started getting dark and the rain started getting heavy. I really blew my location. I’m …

John wrote in:

“I just sold a Burgman 400 and now I’m torn on what to get next. My friend has a nice Burgman 650 Exec (2006 with extended warranty and less than 2000 miles) but he wants $7500 for

Burgman riders are a friendly and welcoming bunch of people. Recently I caught up with Chad Grosklags of the H.O.G.S.S website and had a chance to ask him a few questions.

My favorite quote from the interview, “Burgman’s are